Rem/Marlin/Bushmaster owner also owns Chrysler

JR @ A Keyboard and a .45 pointed this out and I got quite a surprise.

Last year American private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management bought a 80.1% stake in Chrysler who, although I am sure you already know this, effectively blackmailed the US government by threatening to close their plants 6 days before Christmas and have now gotten their share of a $13.4 billion bailout.Picture 2-14

Cerberus is also the firm that has been playing collect-the-whole-set with American firearm manufacturers. They own either directly or indirectly Remington, Marlin, DPMS, Bushmaster and H&R.

Wikipedia has a list of Cerberus owned companies.

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  • IMO Cerberus feels that by taking the bailout money it puts them in a position to not lose their other assets. How would you feel if you couldn’t make your car payment and they came and took your Bushmaster?

  • jdun1911

    I don’t believe in bailout. If a company is mismanage or the marketplace feels there is no more need for their service then it should be allow to die. With that said I also don’t believe in welfare.

    If the bailout doesn’t plan out Cerberus will sell Chrysler in pieces. The three US car manufactures and its Unions are a cancer to the nation.


    It’s call responsibility. If you screw up, pay the piper.

    I believe responsibility should be taught at an early age. At the very least we would have less whiners.

    • Cerberus would have know about Chryslers troubles when they purchased it and the price they paid would have reflected this.

  • Also DPMS.

  • Ooops. You had that in the content. Sorry.