Savage’s new sniper rifle: Model 10 BAS

Next year (2009) Savage will be selling a new “modular sniper system” called the Model 10 BAS (I have not worked out what the acronym stands for).

 Images News 10Bastwrail
BAS/T (adjustable target-style butt-stock)

 Images News 10Baswrail-Scope-Not-Incl
BAS (M4 style butt-stock)

The rifle is build on the Model 110 action and features the AccuTrigger and AccuStock. It accepts standard AR-15 butt-stocks and pistol grips. Two top rails and side rails allow for accessories. At a first glance this rifle resembles an auto-loader (and puts it out of reach for our Australian friends).

It also features a 24″ free floating barrel, Savages’ new proprietary muzzle break and a 10 round detachable magazine. I am not sure what calibers they are offering but looking at the above photos I would say it is a short action so they are probably offering .308 Win and/or .223.

The difference between the BAS and BAS/T models are the butt-stocks as seen above.

The rifle was developed for the law enforcement market. In the press release they did not explicitly state that the rifle will be available to civilians.

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  • Paul

    BAS is commonly used as an abbreviation for “Bolt Action Sniper”. Or it could be something completely different.

    • Paul, that sounds right.

  • ThomasD

    I have little (read: no) use for the rail attachments (other than a forward mounted sight system), and could survive just fine without the pistol grip, but I sure do like the detachable magazine. Mod the receiver to accept stripper clips and now we are talking.

  • Ben

    Do you think there will be a 300 win or a .338 lapua version of the BAS/T? That one looks like its possible to get in Australia because of the Stock type

  • Anon

    Wonder if the 10 round mags will fit other Model 10s with detachable mags?

  • ZerCool

    this rifle resembles an auto-loader

    Resemblance only; the bolt handle is directly above the trigger.

  • ZerCool

    Erm, disregard last comment, just read further down the page to the bit about Oz. *sigh* I need more coffee.

    Carry on!

  • jdun1911


    Probably. Same rifle different stock. Can’t stand it tho.

    Why do firearms companies have the urge to put M4 stock on non-M4 rifles? Don’t they know it turns buyers off. Worst yet they put a collapsible stock on a precision bolt action rifle. That will sure gets LE snipers buying them left and right (sarcasm).

    I own a Savage 110 in 300wm. Great rifle bad stock. They had to cut costs somewhere to keep the rifle sub $500. Good stocks are very expensive to make, so putting cheap stocks on very accurate rifles is the best way to cut cost. With that said every firearms companies use this strategy to make their precision rifles affordable. Still Savage should build a better stock then this monster.

  • Ben

    You make alot of sence. I only want a real M4 stock because we can’t get them here, dam it :-). I haven’t had much experience with Savage but hopefully they make a nice rifle that can be exported to Australia.

  • BAS = Bad @$$ Sniper?

    • Matt, HAHAHA, good one!

  • While I agree that I don’t like the trend of slapping an M4 buttstock on every longarm out there, this buttstock seems to be only “M4-style” as the buffer tube (or what passes for the buffer tube) does not appear to be big enough. Of course this could just be a trick of the eye since the photos are pretty small, but on an intuitive basis, I have a hard time seeing how they can put normal AR stocks on there. Maybe there is something that they bolt on over that skinny thing to make it fat like an AR buffer tube.

  • CJep

    I think I’d prefer something a bit more traditional as stocks go, maybe a Bell & Carlson Tac Varmint for higher end, and a DuraMaxx for entry level. I like detachable box mag hopfully they went with steel or hardened aluminum for the trigger guard, (my Mod 10’s is plastic and needs to be chucked)

    “Wonder if the 10 round mags will fit other Model 10s with detachable mags?”

    Looks as though this is setup similar to the Badger Ordnance system for the Rem 700. That doesn’t mean that a little quality time in the machine shop couldn’t configure an earlier Mod 10

  • That’s an interesting weapon but I wish it offered more chamberings than just 223 and 308.

  • Stew

    BAS (Bolt Action Sniper?? or Bolt Action Savage??)

    It’s 2009 now….has anyone heard when or where these rifles might be available and at what exhorbatant cost??

  • Just a guess, but they’ll likely give more details at the SHOT show.

  • You should read Shooting Times
    April 2009
    The Wildest Savage Yet!
    BAS Tactical

  • Stepehen

    To all those who are putting down the stock…That is not yor standard col stock.. It is a persion stock that alot of snipers are going to…It is ridged and adjust both in and out as well has check to stock height allowing you to fine tune your sight alinement to give you more accurcy. so before you get to upset give it a try who knows might improve your shooting.

  • Jim Hollis

    Just placed a 10BAS on layaway at Cabelas…$1599.99. Best price found so far. BAS = Bolt Action Sniper….BAT-S = Bolt ACtion Target-Sniper….difference is the A4 type stock on BAS; Target Palma style derived stock on BAT-S. Was not immediately impressed with robustness/rigidity of cheek piece on BAS stock. Will have to evaluate more when it comes home. Rifle accepts easy bolt on of any AR style stock…even Magpul PRS….and standard AR pistol grips. Mags appear to be proprietary to this rifle. Will not fit other Savage DBMs. No indication of extra mag availability…..hopefully not like FNAR unobtainium mags sham by FNH. Appears to be standard 110 style SA with traditional barrel nut indicating that any SA chambering/rebarrel is possible…ie .243/.260/7-08/.308/.358Win without bolt face change or other SA calibers with appropriate bolt face changes as in standard 10 mods. Threaded barrel has proprietary Savage muzzle break, and would accept silencer or other accessories. Stock is three piece aluminum….very stiff and heavy. Incorporates Accu-Stock concept for dead nuts bedding and accuracy. No accessory slot on bottom of fore end like on Choate Tactical….just wide slot milled to control weight. Haven’t determined if optics rail system must be removed to change barrel. Shooting Times article not totally clear on action mods from standard 10. One comment indicates “receiver was modified so it would fit”. But, then, says “shockingly standard barreled action–there are no major differences between the BAS and any LE model 10.” Indicates action is standard action with minimal mods, possibly meaning that if these stock become available separately that maybe any 10 SA could be used.

  • Shawn

    I just received this rifle and love it. Adjustable cheek pad is a little flimsy but other than that i even like the stock as i am used to my bushmasters

  • Jon

    i have this rifle now just picked it up over the weekend (april 19 2009). i had it on layaway for a month. i love it. its heavy, i agree the cheek rest does feel a little flimsy. the trigger pull is at 1.5Lbs. ive got a NightForce scope on layaway for it now. i went and bought a cheep Accushot scope to put on it so they would allow me to take it on the range. even with that crappy scope im guessing .5 MOA at 100 yards, it just looks like 1 large ragged hole in the paper target but less that 2 bullets wide. im online looking for extra mags now. about to call savage directly in a few min

  • Don

    I saw them both for the first time today, 5-13-09. I don’t care much for the M4 stye stock. Both cheek pieces rattle and seem flimsy but I love the rest of the stock. The front top rail would be perfect for installing a night vision optic in front of the day scope. Imagine a suppressor and night vision mounted without breaking the bank on a good rifle! The bolt seems much smoother operating than the standard Savage actions. If I didn’t already have a good 308 I would get one of these for sure. I HAve seen factory savage rifles outshoot accurized Remingtons far too many times to discount this as just a gimmick. This is pure function. I would cut or grind off the side rails to make it lighter. There are too many sling mounts which are all removable to lighten and reduce snag points.
    The BAS-T model was $1600.
    I saw a similar stock recently which bolts on to several available rifles made by McRees Precision. I may put one of those on my Remington.
    I can see cops buying either model. If you paint it black, put velcro on it, and say it is “Tactical” cops will buy it. The dealer had no idea about additional magazines.

  • Jon

    update on the mags. i called Savage Directly, they’re backordered and only shipping mags with rifles right now. and they’re $130 each.
    got my night force and now have an Advanced Armament Cyclone Suppressor on layaway and and form 4s submitted

    • Jon, thanks for the update. Please send me some photos for the blog once you have it setup with the AAC suppressor. My email is on the contact page.

  • Shalva

    I had owned a Blaser LRS – an epitome of modular long range system. It is an excellent rifle. Any of you are able to compare the experience of working the BAS to the LRS?

  • Greg

    I have the BAS 10 with a Leupold Mark II tac. The Magazines you are looking for are Accuracy International 10 rounders available from Triad Tactical, he had 40 in stock for 75.00 each, actually better quality build than the one from Savage and seems to run marginally smoother in the rifle. I have 2 of them and I use them instead of the one supplied with the rifle. Hope this helps, just google Triad Tactical I think he’s in Kansas somewhere, good service, fast shipping. The rifle is still in break in, but it is very accurate right out of the box. No complaints.

  • Rob

    I am debating between the Savage 10 BAS/S-K, the Steyr SSG 04 and the Remington 700 Tactical Target Rifle. I am open to all comments and suggestions.

  • I have the BAS 10 coupled with a Shepherd 618-V2 scope. This has become the most accurate weapon that I along with dozens of other police and military snipers have ever fired. Firing Ultramax 168gr Sierra BTHP ammo you have to sneeze or completely disobey the fundamentals of basic shooting to miss a target at 800 yards. I would love to try this weapon at 1000 yards, but there just aren’t any ranges of that length around in my neck of the woods. (Southeastern Michigan). Any target at 500 yards or less is a 10 ring shot even when fired cold. For those of you unfamiliar with Shepherd scopes (, don’t knock them until you try one. I have heard stories about too many moving parts and scopes just falling apart, but they are all lies! I own 4 and every one has turned every one of my AR-15’s into a 1 hole gun at 250 yards and the .308’s are perfect up to 350 yards for sub MOA groups.
    To sum it up, the BAS 10 is worth the pricetag of $1500, but make sure you mount up some good rings and optics to make it sing. As for recoil, you can shoot all day and not feel a thing. Savage has put some real meat on the plate for serious shooters!

  • Rob B.

    I am looking to get one of these rifles…but I’m not sure that trading my Remington 700 heavy bull fluted barrel in will be worth it. Does anyone have any suggestions on which to keep?

  • Rob B.

    Also, anyone that is interested, I have found a cheaper place to buy these spectacular weapons. has them for 1500 dollars, I know its only 100 dollars, but thats an extra hundred that you can put into your scope right???

  • Greg E.

    Rob B. – A Remington 700 heavy bull fluted barrel is a superb weapon to use as a trade in. I know that you would love the 10 BAS based on your taste in accuate weapons, but I would highly recommend you find a way to test fire a 10 BAS before you make a trade. The new Accutrigger is an awesome advantage that Savage has added and makes the 10 BAS a completely new sniping system. Mine is set to break at 8 ounces and makes every shot a complete suprise. For accuracy, I have never fired anything better…PERIOD!!! After firing my first 1000 rounds this past weekend, I will never part with my 10 BAS. This is a rifle I would trust with my life!

    You have a hard decision to make, but you are only looking at words on a computer screen. You really need to experience this weapon first hand. Good Luck!

  • Joe K.

    Okay I have a few questions. Has anybody found a good replacement butstock for this rifle?? Also whats everyones thoughts on proper number of breakin rounds?? I have read/heard 50/60 hell up to 80 rounds. Then I got to lookin around here online i found rounds that are made to break in a rifle properly. Says that the outside of the Jacket is supposedly mircoscopic sandpaper. Sounds good but I aint about to put 20 rounds of that stuff through a rifle that I am going to spend maybe a couple 3 grand with the scope and rifle together. Whats everyones thoughts about this??

  • Greg E.

    Hi Joe K., Like you, I called Savage about a replacement buttstock and the woman on the phone was absolutely clueless! She didn’t understand that the buttstock needs to be threaded and most all AR-15 utilize a buffer tube that threads into the lower receiver. After I told her that, she told me that I was the one that didn’t know what I was talking about, so I told her to have a nice day and hung up.

    About breaking in a rifle, There are many stories and methods, but I shoot 5 rounds and run a patch through it. I repeat the same thing 3 more times for a total of 20 rounds. After the last shot, I unload the rifle, remove the bolt and for the first and only time I use a solid cleaning rod with a .30 cal brush from the receiver end of course and run it through 5 times. After that, I use my Otis Brand cleaning kit. Because I have already run a brush down it, I just swab it out with the Otis brand cleaner/lube until the patches are clean. After that, the barrel is a mirror and I just clean it whenever I am done firing it. I don’t see how a softer round is going to cause a heavy barrel any damage if you don’t run 100 rounds through it first. (Whatever you do, DO NOT run anything with sandpaper through it! Those folks must be on crack…) I have put just over 1000 rounds through my rifle and it acts like a new weapon every time. Like you, I am very disappointed in that cheesy little buttstock on such an awesome sniping system. I am going to try some Magpul products and post my results here…Good Luck

  • Greg E.

    For anyone still experiencing the bolt “jam” after each shot on a new weapon, use the following procedure to adjust the new Accutrigger.

    Adjust the Accutrigger using the following procedure:

    1. Ensure the weapon is unloaded and remove the magazine.
    2. Remove the safety and open the bolt handle. (You don’t have to remove it).
    3. Using a 3/16 allen wrench, remove the screw just rear of the magazine release lever on the bottom of the weapon.
    4. Using a 5/32 allen wrench, remove the 2 screws on both left and right sides below the safety selector switch.
    5. Pull the trigger guard and buttstock assembly down and away towards the rear of the weapon.
    6. Use the small Accutrigger wrench to adjust the trigger pull weight screw just rear of the trigger. Turn it clockwise to increase weight and counter-clockwise to decrease weight.
    7. Reassemble weapon in reverse order and tighten screws being careful to not over tighten or strip any of them.

    It is much easier than people make it out to be and you will have one FINE shooting weapon after that!


  • Greg E.

    The Blaser LRS is second to nothing ( you just have to respect German engineering!), but the Savage model 10 BAS/K is a definite second!

    It’s my opinion, but thats after just over a thousand rounds of all types of ammo through a hole no larger than a tennis ball at 300 yards. Some of the ammo was real junk too…It is also an amazing machine!

  • Rob B.

    I have just put on a new stock today. I used a Magpul .223 rifle stock. The only thing you need to know is that you need to get a buffer spring tube for a full size rifle to mount too. The six position stock on it works ok…However I need something with more stout to it. I have not shot it yet, but I love the new look. I really like it because it has the option of the attachable monopod that you can put on the bottom. The rifle should have come with a stock wrench wich will be all you need along with a standard screw driver. The magpul stock has an adjustable cheek peice and an adjustable pull length. The stock should run you around 250 and the monopod around 80. I went onto and got the stock for 230 and the monopod for 80… To replace the stock, you will need these things: Rifle stock, Stock wrench, Standard screwdriver, AR style rifle buffer spring tube. That should be it… Its an easy install and I did it in about 15 min. I will be more than happy to email you any pictures so you can see what it looks like. My email is, feel free to email me for any pictures of questions.

  • jasonta

    can anyone tell me if this bas is a semi-auto or single shot bolt action? i live in australia and semi-auto weapons are no longer allowed.


    • jasonta, it is a bolt action. It has a magazine. A single shot means it has no magazine. It would be Australia legal.

  • tanner

    jasonta the savage model 10 is a bolt action rifle with a 10 round detachable magazine. it is not a single shot, but it is also most defiantly not a semi auto. i just bought one and am pumped to try it out.

  • Gary M

    Your in a big city, lots of people all over. You are in a high rise bulilding, and so is the bad guy, hes killing people on the street you got to take him out. Your both in offices that face the street, theres probably offices behind him. The shot is 400 yds. My question is becouse of the people that might be behind him would you use a .308 or a.223 ?

  • Rob B.

    Thats a pretty far fetched senario… You will get different opinions from different people. Mine is that you use the .308. People will complain that its over penetrating and you might hit someone innocent. I argue that if you dont use a round big enough to stop the threat there and now, he will likely find your position and start killing NUMEROUS innocent people. The round might go through, but then you are assured that he will go down. If you as good of a shot as your rifle is, then it will have gone right through his heart or eye socket…

  • Greg E.

    You would always use a .308 to take out the bad guy. The bullet NEEDS to be supersonic and have enough energy to ensure a kill with ONE shot. There is NO other answer!



  • Matt T

    Just bought one today! Put a $800.00 illuminated Leupold on it and cant wait to shoot it! I found what to me seems like it would be the ultimate upgrade for the stock. I am only basing this on my preference and what I have read about this stock. I have never seen anything like it before. Have any of you had any experience with this stock or know anyone that has? Any feedback you can leave for me would be great.The stock I am talking about is a CAA ARS Sniper Stock AR15/M16/M4. You can check it out at
    If you go to Command Arms Accessories website you can actually see it being adjusted. Looks sweet!
    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

  • Matt T

    Oh, I guess I should also ask if anyone knows if this stock will work (fit)on this weapon?


  • Rob B.

    The stock is really up to your taste. I prefer the Magpul PRS stock, so thats what I put on. the only thing you need to know is that you will need to get a full length tube before you can attach the stock. I had to exchange mine with my DPMS AP4. Other than that, it’s a fine fine weapon. I have no complaints other than I think the scope rail sits to high. I plan on putting a Badger Ordinance 20 MOA elevation mount on mine in the near future. If you miss with this rifle, it’s your own damn fault, or you are using crappy ammo. I hand load all mine and I have yet to shot 1″MOA at 100 yards. If I do that, I get myself checked because it’s twice as big as it should be.

  • Tim T.

    Saw the new Savage 10 BAS @ Pacific Outfitters in Ukiah, Ca. yesterday, WOW!!! Price was just over $1200.00 Not bad.

  • Tim T, what caliber?

  • Greg E.

    To Matt T.,

    The CAA ARS Sniper Stock AR15/M16/M4 might look cool or seem like something you might want on this weapon, but put it on only if you are going to shoot holes at paper at the same range all of the time. It is a good target stock, but the problem is the tripod situation. What I mean by that is that you have no way to make a very rapid up or down correction for a shorter or longer shot. I am very familiar with this stock and a buddy of mine has one mounted on his Bushmaster Varminter. The leg from the tripod gets in his way every time he has to make a quick adjustment from a 100 to 800 yard shot. You will have to take quite a long time to get it set up to make up for the distance. Don’t get me wrong, for target shooting it is great, but if you need this weapon in a real world scenario, the stock will slow you down and could get you killed. I don’t mean to sound like Mr. Doom and Gloom, but have you seen what is going on in this Country lately? As a trained military sniper of over 16 years I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on something better suited for a camera. You just need to ask yourself one question…Do you think that you may one day need to kill someone or several individuals with this rifle to defend yourself or your family and then take another look at this stock. I always take the real world approach because that is what I was trained to do. Either way, enjoy your rifle. You already made one fine choice!


    I don’t own a 10 BAS yet and i have been following this rifle for a while now. the only question i have not seen answered about it is on the calibers that this rifle is available in.. it is currently available in .308 and .338 lapua. i think for the money it is an awsome rifle…. hopefully will be able to aquire one soon

  • Greg E.

    The only caliber this rifle is available in is .308 WIN. I haven’t heard anything from Savage to even suggest that there will be other calibers available. This rifle in a .338 Lapua would be a dream, but VERY DANGEROUS in any type of urban scenario. There would NEVER be a situation for a Law Enforcement officer to make a kill shot at a mile. Because this rifle is designed for Law Enforcement sniping, it just won’t happen. But don’t worry; with a good scope and match grade ammo, you can shoot through the same hole for a long time with more than enough firepower! To back up my claim you can read the following clip from Sniper Central @

    Recommendations: For military extreme long-range anti-personnel purposes, the .338 Lapua is king. Even the .50BMG falls short (Do to accuracy problems with current ammo). This caliber is not recommended for Law Enforcement.

    Just buy one and enjoy it!!!

  • KFoster

    Does anyone know if a magpul prs stock will work on the savage model 10bat/s-k.




  • MSG Janos

    “10 BAS (I have not worked out what the acronym stands for)”

    10 BAS-K (bolt action sniper muzzle brake)

  • bob parker

    can the butt stock on the bat/10 be configured for a left hand shooter?

  • Greg E.

    Sorry Bob!
    Unless you have something in your bag of tricks, then the answer to that is a big NO! Stag Arms makes a left-handed upper for their AR-15’s, but the butt stock is the same standard “one size fits all”. Along with some other BAS-10 owners, I find the Magpul PRS stock to be a top notch upgrade for this weapon. All of the adjustments are out of the way and make the stock very comfortable to obtain a good cheek weld. It’s going to set you back a few hundred dollars, but not only does it work and feel great, but it looks like it was made for this weapon platform. Of course as Rob P. has stated above, you will need a full size buffer tube to install it, but you will not be disappointed! Someday, I would love for just one company to come out with a customized left-handed thumbhole stock for the AR-15, but in this crazy economy I don’t see it happening. There was one right-handed version a few years back, but it was a complete failure. Good luck in your quest, but it’s a right-handed world out there brother!
    I’m just thanking God that I still own my weapons and our freedoms haven’t been completely eradicated yet, but I feel that time is against us on that issue with the way this so called “Congress” is circumventing the very Constitution that they all took an oath to protect and defend to cram anything they want through the system just to get it signed into law by the most Un-Presidential individual in history!
    God Bless America! We shall prevail when all is done, but they will rue the day that they touch my gun!
    (I just made that up, but I think I’m going to put it on a t-shirt!)

  • Bill Pace

    Home Run for Savage Arms. While I don’t own a BAS yet, I do have a Savage/Mike Rock competition F-Class, no beauty ring required and it’s
    as ACCURATE as it gets. Savage has been under-rated for far too long.
    I’ve seen a lot of postings on the stock, I too have a stock issue. I have
    an Cobb MCR, with a Vltor stock that doesn’t fit Me. Thinking of adding
    an adjustable comp butt plate. Anyone have advice ? Thanks

  • cobraman

    I am left handed/left eye dominant. The Savage stock is cheesy and the cheekpiece is tapioca, but I made a large improvement by moving the cheekpiece 180 degrees and mounted it on the left side of the stock. I did this by bolting a plastic Weaver style rail from my local Cabela’s to the left side and made a few minor modifications to get this to work. A person unfamiliar with the weapon would not know that it isn’t factory equipment.
    I do not buy left handed weapons because in every shooting position except standing, a lefty has certain advantages with a right-handed scoped bolt rifle. They are: You never have to take your trigger hand off the grip in a shot string. (use your right hand to rack the bolt.) You do not have to lift your head if you need to look into the chamber. (A right handed shooter will have to lay the rifle to the left or raise his head to look around the scope. I almost think it would be better if right-handers shot left-handed weapons. If I’m going to shoot standing I go semi-auto (M1A). I hope this helps. Some day I will get a quality buttstock and if I have any interferance between cheek and rest, I will modify that one too!

  • Greg E.

    I love your comments cobraman!

    As a former “southpaw” sniper and current competetive shooter, we do have the best of both worlds when firing a stock AR-15 or Bolt action Precision rifle. I added the Magpul Precision Rifle Stock Gen 2 to my Model 10 BAS-K and LOVE IT! No modifications necessary and it looks like it came standard with the weapon. Here are their words about it and they are 100% correct, “The Magpul PRS (Precision Rifle / Sniper – AR15/M16 Model) is a drop-in, precision-adjustable butt stock for rifles with A1 / A2 fixed stocks. Designed to offer the fine-tuned, customized feel of a precision target stock, the PRS is adjustable for both cheek riser height and length-of-pull without sacrificing the durability necessary to withstand the operational environment.” Of course, it requires a full length A2 buffer tube, but who doesn’t have a few spares lying around. Right now you can get your hands on one of these babies for around $190 which is far less than the $250 I paid when the mad rush was on. The only thing I can say is that it turns your rifle into one solid platform from its machined aluminum butt-plate to the muzzle! If you want one and are looking for the best deal, do a search on MAG307-BLK PRS. Your search will fill up a few pages so you can shop around. Enjoy your rifle and thanks for the valued input!

  • James

    just picked one up still have an issue with finding xtra mags, bought 2 extra stocks an ACE and a magpul prs gonna try both wil keep you updated.

  • Dave

    You can get them here for $74, in stock. I’ve got one on the way for my new BAT/S.

  • Greg E.

    Thanks for the info on the $73.49 magazines from Triad. They are far superior to the magazine that came with the weapon and half the price of Savage mags when you include shipping. Get them while you can, because these mags are going fast everywhere! Even the ones priced at $122 can’t keep up with the demand. Even though it’s a bolt action weapon, magazines can and do wear out. Always keep a few spares in the range bag just in case…

  • I have this rifle (308 cal) with a Nightforce scope on it held down with nightforce rings. (The scope was more than the rifle) This rifle was shooting sub moa @ 250 yds with store bought ammo. Out of the box. When using reloads 168gr BTHP, 165gr BTHP and 145gr, after working up to the right powder load using H335; all shots would touch each other with any of these bullets. A lot were so close to being a hole in a hole it was hard to see until you walked up to the target. The rifle is very heavy but a good target or sniper rifle is, but this is very heavy. I will be taking the butt stock off of mine and putting on a MAGPULL225 butt. The cheek rest is a little flimsy and sharp. At the time I bought mine there were 2 calibers; 308 and 338. I went with the 308 because of the price to shoot and the price to reload. The 338 is so expensive it is not feasible to shoot as many rounds I do a week. 100-200 per wk. I would go broke shooting the 338. With the ACCU-TRIGGER, this just adds to the beauty of the rifle. The trigger pull is so smooth and touchy, you can feel everying.

  • Greg E.

    Welcome to the club GARY D.! It sounds like you are enjoying your rifle by putting all that lead downrange every week. You are absolutely correct about the cost of .338 Lapua, the cost would be about 4 times that of the .308. This is definitely a law enforcement rifle. There would be no sport in shooting a deer or other wild game. Now that I have made the transition to civilian law enforcement my department is a true force to be reckoned with! Thanks for your comments!

  • I do not agree with Gregg E comment of this being a Law Enforcement rifle. What is wrong with a good target shooter having a good rifle to shoot good groups. That is like calling a an AK or other similar rifles an assult rifle. No rifle has pointed itself at someone and pulled the trigger and assulted someone. A person had to point and pull the trigger to assult someone. . Any weapon could be called an assult weapon, {Politics} because the end result is a bullet going down the barrel. That is why we have the NRA around, to protect our rights to own and carry a weapon. What is the differents of an AK shooting a 30 cal bullet at you and a 308 semi shooting at you?

  • Greg E.

    Gary D.,
    I think you took my comments completely out of context. All I meant is that this rifle is so heavy I would find it difficult to see someone carrying it around all day on a hunting trip. This rifle is so accurate that I think anyone that wants to enter the world of competitive shooting should own one. It certainly levels the playing field on extremely long shots! I think people get to wrapped up in what other peoples exact words are and miss the whole meaning. In fact, I was complimenting you on your selection of rifles. The only thing I was referring to is that Savage lists these rifles under their law enforcement series and thier accuracy makes them a perfect addition to a SWAT or other tactical sniper teams arsenal. Once again, congrats on a fine selection and welcome to the club of ownership!

  • Well said

  • Randy Sanders

    I bought this weapon in the Model 10BA/LE-S (Law Enforcement Version) not long back and added a Bushnell Elite Tactical 2.5 16×42 Scope up top and a Blackhawk bipod underneath. I love the weapon,but it is rather heavy,so I decided to attach a sling to the chassis. Turns out there are only 3 sling studs on the weapon. One is underneath on the forestock where the bipod is attached now,and one on each side of the forestock,so sling from left or right. There was,however,no attachment stud on the buttstock so now I have a sling I cannot use and a rifle too heavy to carry for any length of time. Can anyone suggest to me a way to sling this weapon??? I’m so old school that these new synth stocks and magpul devices are foreign to me.

  • Eric De Preter

    BAS stands for Be A Sniper 🙂 I think I’m going to purchase one here in Belgium, I have now access to the military range for practising long distance shooting . Best regards to all shooters. Eric