Airsoft “grenades” going military

Danger Room reports that the US Army is look at developing a less-lethal grenade that “shower of high velocity rubber pellets that sting and disorient”.

Airsofters have long been using non-lethal gas powered reloadable “grenades” such as this one from


It will be interesting to see what the military come up with. A gas system instead of a pyrotechnic solution would definitely decrease the danger of injuring or killing people in a crowd which is one of the problems with flashbangs.

More at Danger Room

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  • Interesting. LASD uses something similar for prison riots, though I think they use an actual charge instead of compressed air. The idea is to create a flash, a bang, and pain of impact on the skin. It’s enough to give prisoners pause, even if there’s no blood.

  • Sam Suggs

    that would be interesting as the resipiant would prbobly assume it was real for a while and flip his shit the only problem being the ability to throw it back

  • robin

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    • Komrad

      u wot m8?

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    “a less-lethal grenade that “shower of high velocity rubber pellets that sting and disorient”.”

    Uhm..Isnt that the Stingball?