Pistols manufactured by Indian Communists

TFB reader Mehul emailed me some photos that his friend, a law enforcement officer, took of confiscated homemade pistols manufactured by Naxalite (communist) rebels in North East India.

Mehul said that when he was in India some years ago their backyard guns were very primitive. Automobile exhaust tubes were being used as barrels for crude muzzle loading blackpowder firearms. They appear to have improved their gun making skills since then.

Nice grips! Click to expand.


James is right, I am fascinated by homemade weaponry.

Thanks to Mehul for the photos and info.

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    The person that build the pistol should be proud. He/She took the time and effort to make a quality handgun.

    From the grape vine, Colt won the IAR. The Marines going to have their new LMG and its going to be DGI. I think the SAW days are number.

  • R.A.W.

    Looks a little like a Beretta 1934? Perhaps that’s what they were using as a guide.

    Ironic, since that’s what Ghandi was shot with.

  • Don

    that is a damn nice piece.

  • My pleasure sending you these pics, Steve. My friend remarked that these pistols were better than the junk turned out by the Indian Ordnance Factory – a sad thing because the Naxalites are a bad lot who uave targeted businesses including businesses belonging to US companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi. I don’t know what steel they use but there are a number of companies manufacturing automobile components in India and I am sure that these guys would have been able to get high grade steel from one or another of these. FAscinating, but scary as these are bad guys.

  • sipahi.hindbrigade


    Our people have skills but they use it for different purpose. India recently
    welcome private company for defence manufacturing. I have been planning
    to have small arms single shot and semi automatic small arms for our army
    and licensed civilans. In reality gun business is said to be no 1 business
    in world. India is progressing well but has not yet achieved in Gun business.
    It could be a great cottage industry and best employments if we see export
    markets overseas. I am against of using such weapons illegally. And when
    terrorists can strike in India, It’s time to use some strong powerful arms
    and tools as .303 is no longer an option against MK-5. Indian ordanance’s pistol is worst and it gets jammed. Compare to that this gun is nice and
    we should appreciate these naxals. If they are ready to surrender, we should
    give them employment and chance to grow and develop. Chattisgarh is full
    of iron ore. Please mehulbhai reply me if you could on email
    sipahi dot hindbrigade at gmail dot com
    I m currently in Canada and want to invest in defence of India.

  • Steve, Mehul, I have covered this and your latest article on Elections fueling demand for illegal guns on my Indian defence website
    and credited Mehul for the photos and FABlog for some text.

    • Manu, thanks for the link. I have subscribed to your blog.

      How democratic is the democracy over in India? Are some parts more “democratic” than others, if you know what I mean?

      Will these elections be like the recent South African elections where the outcome is always the same and nothing ever changes?

  • Soumya

    A very dashing and dynamic gun.

  • pavan prakash

    let me know the price & how can i buy it.

  • notayank

    i like them they arent that much concerned about the desing but they look great i wish i could make guns too haha

  • HDCandela

    Adopting a Bill of Rights like that which the United States has, including a 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, and restrictions on the courts would be the surest way India could guarantee the freedom of its on citizens against Pakistani and chinese incursion of all types, as well as internal strife because factions tend to balance each other. Evenmore, India would be envied by Pakistani and Chinese people who do not have justice in their court systems as much. A government that puts the rights of the individual people first is championed by the people as a whlole, hence a greater union.