New pump shotgun from Remington: Model 887 NitroMag

I did not expect this. Remington will be selling a new pump-action shotgun next year (2009) called the Model 887 NitroMag. The design is not based on the popular 870 and will not replace it.


I am guessing by the name “Nitro Mag” that it will chamber 3 1/2″ 12 gauge shells. According to Adam the barrel and other parts are coated in a polymer to prevent rust. Air guns barrels are often coated with plastic, although I think this is also done to add strength to the thin air gun barrels..

It looks like it will compete head-to-head with the Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag which was designed specifically for firing 3 1/2″ magnum shells.

Adam Heggenstaller has more info and photos on his new blog.


Two models will be available. The 887 Nitro Mag Synthetic and the 887 Nitro Mag Waterfowl

Remington redefines pump shotgun technology with the 12 gauge Model 887 Nitro Mag. The most durable and reliable shotgun ever built; it has minimal external surfaces to rust. Our exclusive ArmorLokt™ construction process seals the receiver and barrel in a vault of weather-impervious polymer material. Its overmolded surface is built to withstand abrasion and hard-core hunting abuse whether that’s barbed wire, gnarly thorns or the bottom of a Jon boat. And when it’s time for action, our revolutionary new SuperCell™ Recoil Pad so effectively reduces rearward force that it makes a magnum 12 gauge feel like a light field load. The Model 887 Nitro Mag is our softest-shooting pump gun ever. That means enhanced confidence on the first shot and smoother, faster follow-ups.

Because the Model 887 Nitro Mag’s design is inspired by the strength and dependability of our Model 870, you can count on it to cycle flawlessly and stand up to abuse like no other. Similar to the Model 870, its receiver is manufactured from solid steel and the barrel is hammer-forged. Our ArmorLokt process packages it all under a weather-impermeable outer shell. Twin steel action bars ensure smooth, positive chambering and ejection for the long haul. And the sleek receiver design, awesome balance and natural pointing characteristics spell trouble for any bird within reach of its 12-gauge 3 ½-inch Super Magnum capability. The extremely rugged synthetic stock and fore-end are ergonomically contoured to offer a positive grip and comfortable handling while the built-in swivel studs insure a solid attachment for adding slings.

Model 887 Nitro Mag
Model 887 Nitro Mag Synthetic 887 Nitro Mag Waterfowl
Gauge 12
Gauge (2 ¾ , 3,
and 3 ½-inch)
Gauge (2 ¾ , 3,
and 3 ½-inch)
Mag. Capacity 4 4
BBL Length 28 inches 28 inches
Barrel Type Solid Rib
Rem Choke (Modified)
Solid Rib
Rem Choke (Waterfowl)
Sights HiViz HiViz
Receiver Finish ArmorLokt ArmorLokt
Overall Length 48 ½ inches 48 ½ inches
Length of Pull 14 inches 14 inches
Stock Material Synthetic Synthetic
Stock Finish Matte Black Advantage MAX-4 HD
Avg. Weight 7  3/8
7  1/2
MSRP $399 $529

Hat Tip: Ed @ Tell me Why?

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    Does that mean it they basically took a page from Benelli and made a pump that chambers the full gamut of 12 ga shells? If this thing comes under the Nova in price I might have to give it a try.

    • Jesse, I am not 100% sure that it chambers 3 1/2″ shells. But that is my guess.

  • ADAM

    I think that this new gun is the shit looks sweet. I own a 870 and a 11-87. Hopefully it works as well as my other remington’s. I got to get me one, does anyone know when they r coming out. Some one said they were going for $380 with 3 1/2 chamber.

  • ADAM

    And Y does everyone think it looks like a benelli nova. Not even close.

  • bob

    I also own an 870 and 11-87…which rarely jam. The 870 did give me about 4 incidents throughout this entire season-easily fixed in the feild, though. 3.5” for under $400-looks like bye-bye bayside buffleheads and bluebill!

  • eddie

    It looks to me exactly like big green shat a big black turd with this new 887. God almighty–if that’s the look of scatterguns of the future then i’m glad i’ll be dead soon. jeesus h christ.

  • Definitely a sweet pump action gun made by Remington, I really like it. Good to see it’s coated with polymer, just wonder how long the coating will last. Prolly pretty long if you keep it in good shape, definitely might be an upgrade for next year’s hunting. Going to think about it!

  • joepaulick

    Its looking like this is going to be the 2009 bargain of the year. I will say that I am definitely giving the 887 a try this year. I have owned a large variety thus far, including the 870 and loved it and I’m sure the 887 is going to fit right at home in my case.

  • Eric Viers

    Looks like a great new pump gun from Remington, can’t wait to get my hands on and or shoot one. Wonder IF they will be coming out with a fully rifled slug barrelled version with integral scope mount??? That would be very nice for all of us midwesterners who are forced to shoot deer with shotgun slugs.

  • Bill Reed

    This new gun will be available mid summer to late fall according to Remington.

    • Bill, thanks for the update

  • Matt

    Received a Cabela’s ad in the mail today with the black synthetic 887 Nitro Mag listed as $339. It did not indicate that it was a sale price so I expect this to be Cabela’s normal price on the new gun.

  • David

    They didn’t over bore it?
    It won’t compete very well with the Mossberg 835 then.
    I like the semi auto Remington high power rifle I use for big game but when it comes to shotguns they have completely been left in the dust !

  • JustAddWater

    Looks like a great gun, I have already reserved one at Carters Country. I hate to see $4000 shotguns when I can out shoot, gun out last and you can dunk it water a still shoot it. Lass tha $500 you can buy spares.

  • Kevin

    I own the 870 and i love it, but im looking to buy the 887 because im looking for a new waterfowl gun, and i trust Remington completely. Remington is cheap and they sell a good product. Hopefully the 887 will be as good as they say it will be, and i cant wait to see what they come out with next.

  • trevor

    i plan to get one also…i have sent my 870 super mag thru hell and back and it still shoots as if it were new out of the box… i talked to 2 local dealers and one didnt have any in stock and the other had no clue they were coming out… does anyone have a clue when it will b cuz hell its 2009

  • Nate

    It’s already available. Out at Cabela’s where I live, the black synthetic is $375, not sure how much the Max-4 version is. They look really nice, and they are very comfortable to hold, I’m definitely going to get one. I already have a Remington 870 Express Super Mag Ducks Unlimited Edition and I love it. I am hoping the new 887 will surpass the 870 in overall quality and versatility, but that will be hard to do, being that 870’s are the SHIT!!!!!

  • Ronald

    I recieved the new Remington 887nitromag as a bonus today from a Hillbilly lady at work. Yes a true x Hillbillly. This is one sweet looking rig. Now to locate some 3 1/2 ,000 buckshot. Will haul it to the range this weekend and test her out . I aint never (Double Negtive ) shot skeet i recon i oughta try it. I am an ole AR-15 and Mini 14 man. BAnd a few ut after some research seems the powers that be offer this shotgun their blessing. Be my 1st ever Pump Action Shotgun. Mine always been single shot but sure did take alot of Turkey with em.And a few Varmits. Now i learn skeet shooting. Can slugs be used in these ?

  • Aron

    Shot it talked to 3 other people that have also, Everyone had the same opinion. JUNK!! they may look cool but that is all it has going for it at this point..BENELLI is the way to go..

  • Nate

    I havent heard anything bad about the 887, I haven’t shot one yet, but i intend to buy one. Aron, if you are used to shooting Benelli’s and all of the other over-priced guns, of course you wouldnt like the 887. Yes I will admit, I have shot a Benelli, and they are very nice, but still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced, and i cannot justify spending that much when i can get the job done and do the same thing you can with your expensive gun. Remington is the way to go!! I own an 870 and so do a could of my duck hunting buddies and we have NEVER had any problems out in the field or on the lake. You can go ahead and drop the 870 in the lake, which I have done when i fell, pull it out and it will still function as if it were brand new, I also seen on the TV the new 887, they took it to the lake or pond whatever it was, burried it in the nasty muddy muck on the bottom of the lake,(any duck hunter knows what i talking about), anyways back to the story, the burried it, took it out, cleaned out the barrel and rinsed the outside off and it still fired brand new. Now take your Benelli out and do that and you will be in a world of hurt. Remington is by far the way to go. Just for clarification, i have shot a Benelli Nova ( crappy gun, worse than the Mossberg 535 i owned a few years ago) and i have also shot the Super Black Eagle II this gun was ok it was really comfortable, but i have heard a couple times that it likes to jam up im the cold. If you want semi-auto, i would either go with the Remington 11-87, really solid gun very versatile and not too heavy. Or i would go with the Winchester SX2, yes the SX2, the older model, but in my opinion the SX2 out-performed the SX3 by leaps and bounds, it handled the 3 1/2 mags a lot better than the SX3. The only thing the SX3 has on the SX2 is the shell cycling speed. But still i would suggest Remington overall for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The black synthetic 887 is about $375 and the Max-4 887 is about $450. Plus the Remingtons are made in the good ol’ USA. REMINGTON

  • Joda Newsome

    Does Remington have any future plans for manufacturing the 887 in 20 gauge? The attractive feature to me for this shotgun is the elimination of rust to all surfaces.

  • Komrad

    First gun mossberg .22. Second gun mossberg 500. Third gun will be 887.

  • Joda Newsome

    I purchased an 870 in 20 Ga. magnum and enjoy the gun and the service I received from it for two years. I decided to take this gun on a deer hunting trip to our family farm and after firing 3 Remington slugs through the gun, discovered it had about a 1 inch split in the muzzle end of the barrel. I have a 16 Ga. Winchester that I have owned for 30 years and fired many slugs in it with no damage to the barrel. I tried to get some help with this problem from Remington but the information I got was the warranty was only good for 1 year. This was certainly a defective barrel and now (after this incident) I don’t trust the gun so I haven’t used this gun for over two years and now it is no good to me like it is. Both the 870 20 Ga. and my Winchester 16 Ga. have modified barrels so they both are suppose to take the standard slugs. My winchester DOES.
    So I hope the new 887 has superior quality over the 870, if not, you should expect to have problems with it.
    Personally, I will never purchased another Remington firearm again.

  • Selena

    This may be a dumb question…but can you still use an 870 choke?

  • Nate

    The 887 nitro-mag is not a slug gun Joda. It is a waterfowl gun so i wouldnt suggest it to shoot deer. My suggestion to you is to get a cantilever barrel. If you are shooting slups out of a “bird barrel” you can be in for a world of hurt, because if the slup is even just a hair big it can turn your barrel into a grenade, meaning it can explode into pieces. As far as your “modified” barrel I have never heard of such a thing………do you ean modified choke? If you use a bird barrel, your accuracy dramatically decreases because the point of a slug is the same as a rifle or handgun, it needs to spin with the rifling of the barrel for accuracy, but thats for sabots. The “rifled slugs” that they make that have the little plastic screw type piece are garbage, yes you can shoot the out of a bird barrel, but once again they aren’t getting the needed rotation for accuracy due to the smooth barrel. So, if you shot a slug out of you gun and it cracked the barrel, i would probably turn to blaming the slugs rather than the gun, because like i said it only needs to be a hair too big. I know quite a few people that shoot rifled slugs out of bird barrels and never have had that problem. BUT it very well could be a gun problem. I own an 870 Express Super-Mag Ducks Unlimited Edition, and a 887 Nitro-Mag for my remingtons and i haven’t had any problem with either of them fortunately. The 870 is a really high quality pump shotgun, mine has been through hell and back and it still works like new. My 887 is not very old, maybe a month and i took it out on goose opener here in Minnesota and it is a bad-ass gun. I had no problems and killed a pile of geese. I would strongly suggest buying an 887 if you are a duck hunter, you will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!REMINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • george

    anybody who says the remington 887 cant shoot a slug accuratly is WRONG!! i shot 50 slugs thru it at 150 yards in a 4 inch circle no slug will tear this barrel up nothin will hurt it an as far as a mosseberg goes i dont think they have a clue how to make a shotgun they shouldnt even make a bb gun red rider kicks their butt an the same goes for them overpriced over rated benellis ive owned a 887 for 2 months an nobody will come close to touching this gun in at least 100 years

  • Ken

    My sons friend just bought a new 887 nitro, nice looking gun, but it locks alot. it locks up after 2-3 shots and requires a severe slamming to open the slide. Now it is presently locked in the open position. I have owned various pump guns soI know what it should do, and what it shouldn’t do. This young is very disappointed in his new purchase. Now it will require fixing or warranty hopefully it will be the latter

  • Ryan

    I bought the 887 about a month ago and have used it four times so far for duck and pheasant hunting. I have used a lot of shot guns in my life and this is by far my favorite so far. Shoots like a dream and is so easy to clean up at the end of the day. I’ve put about 40 rounds thru so far and no problems whatsoever. Buy this gun, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Brett

    This shotgun any good for turkey?

  • John

    I bought the 887 and the chokes for 870 fit it just fine and work just fine. I bought a rifled on and turkey choke. I will let you know how it is for turkey seeing that I just bought it the other day. I want to know if and how to mount a scope on this bad boy. I love it and want it to be my primary for deer season, but want a scope for longer ranges.

    I shot several slugs through it and no issues and I was open site standing and I was doing pretty good. Not as good as I would have done with a rifle, but I was impressed.

  • Brett

    So I shouldn’t have any problems putting any remington chokes at all in this gun?

  • Brett

    Does anyone know if Remington is going to sell shorter barrels for this gun?

  • Arlin Nickel

    I just recieved the model 887 and at first it would Not fire . tried 6 times not even a firing pin mark on the shells. took it back to the dealer and he got it to fire 4 times and afterr the last shot jacked the action open to try another one and the reciver fell out. in my opinion this gun is a piece of junk. Have sent it back to remingington for repairs.waiting for their reaction. A very dissatified remington customer

  • Cody

    i have shot my brothers 870 12 ga. and my friends 870 20 ga. and i absolutely fell in love with them i am going to be purchasing a shotgun during tax season and am starting to look now..ive heard alot about the 887 and 870 i already know i love the 870 but how is the 887 is it junk like people keep saying or is it actualy a good gun? what would you go with the 870 or 887?

  • Ryan

    I bought the 887 in the max4-hd. So far it has a different problem daily. It ejects shells from the mag instead of chambering them. The action gets hung at the back of the receiver. It locks up and I cant pump it down. Overall this gun is a big piece of plastic crap. Unless you are a 220 pound grown man you cannot shoot this gun because it takes every amount of energy just to pump the stupid thing. Worst design I have ever seen. DO NOT BUY THIS GUN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Ryan, I have heard of the problem of the bolt getting stuck int he rear of the receiver and most times it is associated with the port cover. Try removing the port cover and see if that clears up your problem. If it does just contact Remington customer service and report your issue. I am sure they will make it right.

  • Arlin Nickel

    I just recieved my Model 887 Nitro Mag back from RemingtonArms and It did the same thing it did befor I returned it the firet time. They replaced the bolt and said that would fix the problem. Loaded 2 3″ double O Buckshot in the magazine and it only barley marked the primer, relioaded the shell and it did go off this time, jacked in the new shell and fired it. the bolt fell out again . I will be contacting remington tomorrow requesting a replacement gun of another model. I have the remington model 870 super mag already and it is a fine gun.For all the problems I have been having I think i deserve a totaly new gon of my choice from Reming at noadditional cost reguardleswss what the cost is. If it was my only shotgun I wopuld be without any gun for the whole hunting season. REMINGTON TAKE NOTICE OF THESE COMENTS AND ACT.

  • Alex

    Arlin, Can you explain how the bolt fell out? I have never heard of a bolt falling out of a pump shotgun. I am curious what happened to your gun.

  • Allen

    I was curious about if this gun patterns buckshot any good? Iam not much of a bird hunter but if this gun throws buckshot i am sold! It is an awsome looking gun and feels great. Also i was wondering if they will be coming out with any other barrels for it? I am assuming it has interchangable chokes but i would like to know so i can figure out if i truly want to purchase this gun.

  • Alex

    The barrel is threaded for interchangable Rem Chokes. I imagine if the gun is popular and selling well that Remington will come out with the gun in a lot of different configurations including different barrels.

  • J.D.M.

    Wow…kind of a split crowd regarding the 887. I guess I have been one of the lucky ones regarding the bolt issues. In fact I love every feature about this gun and have had no mechanical issues what so ever. My problem is that right out of the box my gun shoots low! At 15 yds. (bench rested) with 3″ Fiocchi 1.25oz #2’s my center pattern is about 8″ low and slightly right! Needless to say this make killing ducks a challenge at 30 yds! I’ve been informed faster steel near 1500 fps will help bring the pattern up?!?! I will be sending off to Remington after the Holidays and hopefully get this addressed. This is a significant problem – however If they can replace the barrel, or whatever needs to be done and it starts hitting where it needs to they will have one very satisfied customer! The statement(s) of this being a hunk of junk…. I’ve shot junk – the 887 is a good gun and I’m even one of the guys that have a significant issue! This is the best choice for those of us that love to be out there but cannot justify 1,500 on a firearm. After all…it’s duck hunting! I’ll get back with you on what Remington does. I have been a faithful Remington customer – I’m hoping that the do the right thing and take care of the problem!

  • John Foster

    I would like some imformation on the 887. Tell me about the bolt thing. I duck a lot, and use the 870 super-mag. It is a duck killing machine, but it is getting some age on it. So I’am thinking I have to find something to replace it with. John

  • John Foster

    I would like some imformation on 887. Tell me about the bolt issues with the 887. I use the 870 Super-Mag now and love it. It is a duck killing machine,but it is getting some age on it. John

  • J.D.M.

    I cannot comment on the bolt issue because I have not had one. However when I spoke to Remington they assured me that they would go thru the gun and repair / replace any issues it may have. Since my last post I did experienced 2 major jams which I also informed Remington about. However, I have decided not to send back for repair. I was offered a good deal on trading it in on a new Browning. There are some rumors going around about not only reliability but some safety issues also. Not trying to stir the pot – just couldn’t pass up the deal!

  • Pauly G

    I bought this 887 with hopes for an awesome gun! GARBAGE!!!! Absolute garbage. I can shoot one shot, pump, next round flies out of the chamber, pump again, next good round flies out of the chamber, and my spent round is in the gun still. 3″ by the way. I’m completely bummed out on this. The sales guy at my local shop said this would be the perfect match for the conditions I duck hunt in. To say the least I’m very disappointed with this firearm. It’s the worst gun I’ve ever owned.

  • clinton

    I was wondering if this gun was better than the benelli nova pump or any suggestions on a synthetic stock shotgun I should get?

  • David

    i bought the 887 after many hours of research and reviews and after my wife gave me the ok that i can get it, i am VERY pleased with the gun. took it out that day and emptied a box of shells with no problem. love the gun and plan to take it pig hunting this weekend followed by turkey hunting this spring. long story short, yes it is a new model gun and some guns to have their issues but once it is made right (and i know Remington will) you will be very pleased with it.

  • Jon

    Remington’s coming out with a new bone collector edition with a 26-in barrel and realtree AP, and a turkey/waterfowl combo with 22 and 28 inch barrels and Mossy Oak infinity. Last year I was going to buy a Benelli nova for turkey hunting, but they’re hard to find in 3 1/2 inch. When I saw the 887 I knew this was exactly what I was waiting for, a turkey variation of the 887. MSRP on the Remington site is $692, but store prices are usually cheaper. I currently have a model 870 and an 1100, and I wouldn’t shoot any other shotgun brand, especially not a crappy mossberg or some swanky piece of crap like a beretta that you pay over a thousand dollars for.

  • H. Stroh

    My dad gave me an 870 when I was 15 years old. I am now 66 years old.
    The gun has been cosmetically rebuilt three times. I have never done anything to the mechanics.

    It shoot good as when it was new. You only have to buy one in your lifetime so buy the best.

  • J D H

    i purchased a 887 bone collector does anybody else have one. i like it, but having problems patterning it. i bought a indian creek choke and didnt have any luck with patterning it at 50 yards. finaly i used the turkey choke that came with the gun and 3.5” federal flight control shells and if i aim about 6″to8″ over the turkey target im puttin 42 pellets in the head and neck not counting the body. if i aim right at it im only putting 11 pellets at 50 yards. that will kill a bird though, im satisfied. i also have a 835 mossberg and never had a problem patterning it, with a star dot choke. im killing birds at 60 yards with it, killed 2 last year at that distance. over all i like the 887. hope this info helps any of u that have an 887, and if yall have any info it might help me.

  • Nate N

    I have owned an 887 and I have already sold it. In my opinion it is a piece of crap. I always had a difficult time opening the chamber to load a shell. The reason I sold it was because me and a friend were duck hunting one morning and we wounded one. So we get in the boat, I was driving and he forgot his gun. So I said use mine, the duck pops up he shoots and the pattern hits about five feet to the right on the water. My first words were how the hell do you miss that bad, the duck pops back up and he shoots and hits it, we go get it and go back and i grab my gun and notice that my choke tube is completely gone and about four inches of my barrel is missing. I found the missing barrel piece in the boat, it was almost opened all the way flat. I dont know what caused this to happen, because I really do take good care of my guns, I always check to see that my choke tube is snug and the barrel is clear. So I took the gun back to Gander Mountain where I purchased it and had a 1 year warranty from Remington and then another year on top of that from Gander Mountain. I didn’t get my gun back for about 2 and a half months. It wasn’t Remingtons fault either, I popped in a few times and everyone I talked to had a different story. Anyways it never got sent to Remington like they said it was going to, I eventually talked to a manager because I got sick of the BS and they said they were just going to give me the barrel off another brand new 887 they already had. So in no way was that Remingtons fault, it was just Gander Mountain being dumb asses. Shortly after that I sold the gun for $250. I have absolutely no problem with Remington in general, just that gun. I own a few Remington firearms, including an 870 express supermag, 870 wingmaster, 720 woodsmaster 30-06. I will still buy Remington products, I just wouldnt recommend an 887. I will also never buy another gun from Gander Mountain I will just buy from Cabelas which is about a mile from my home.

  • J D H


  • Nate N

    JDH I would suggest the 870. I currently have an 870 Express Super-Mag and have never had a single problem with it. I also have a friend who has the same gun again with no problems and another with just the 870 Express and still no problems. They are in my opinion the best pump shotgun money can buy. I am thinking of buying an 11-87 anyone have some input on that? Other Nate have you shot one of them? I was also looking at a used gun at Cabelas, it is an Ithaca MAG-10 (10 gauge) any input on that either?

  • J D H

    nate i heard the 11 87 r real good guns like the 870 i havent heard of any problems. they r a little bit more expensive than the 870. i have a cousin that has a 10 guage and never any problems dont know what kind though.

  • J D H

    well just left gander mountain they pissed me off. took my 887 nitro mag bone collector back and was gonna trade for a 870 super mag but they werer gonna give me about have of what i paid for it. thats a big negative. iam going str8 through remington now 2 get my money back i hope they back it up. i will be using my 835 mossberg this turkey season looks like, i know it will putem down at 60 yards. but the only problem is it misfires every now and again using fedral flight controls. spring issue i think. leaving for nebraska next week to kill a meriam. good luck everybody hunting.

  • Patrick

    my 887 shot straight work right most of the time but i did miss out on about a dozen duck and second shot oppotunity with the shell going in the water instead of barrel

  • Patrick

    i thought Microsoft was the only one who put things out that were not perfected yet ie win 2000,xp,vista,win7……….Come on remington. I believe the gun would be a big hit IF IT WORKED RIGHT!

  • mooney

    i had the same issue with misfire and would not eject shells
    sent it back to accademy and they sent to remmington,got it back
    and so far no problem.. i do like like the 887

  • Will the model 887 shoot slugs, I’m getting one for trap shooting but I. Would alsop limke to us it for deer and turkey hunting

  • jc

    I LOVE THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!! Right out of the box this gun shot 50 2 3/4 rounds with no issue at all. then I shot 10 rounds of 3 1/2’s. No issues. I just ordered the new 887 combo in the new mossy oak infinity. I bought the basic 887 in Sept of last year. I think the Benelli lovers want to bad mouth anything Remington comes out with. Keep up the good work Remington!

  • Justin

    Is thier going to be a slug barrel for this gun or what.? or does this barrel shoot both.? Im not sure. But i am very interested in purchasing this gun if so….?

    Please if anyone has in answers regarding this please let me know

  • Travis

    I bought the 887 when it first came out around here and I like it, but with that being said I do have some issues with it. First, the pattern is about two feet low at 40 yards. Secondly, loading 3 of 3.5 inch shells in the magazine tube can be a real pain. It often takes a lot of force to get them in. I am currently thinking about trading it for a used 870 because I feel I am more accurate with it. I have hunted in some harsh down pours with it and I can assure that the polymere coating works. I have always shot an 1100 and this just feels like a completely different brand of gun. Maybe knocking off the sights would help with me shooting low but I hate to do that if I ever want to trade/sell it.

  • DJH

    I have a new 887 with the slug barrel only, I took it to the range and shot 31/2 ” lightfields at 75 yds and was 4 – 6″ low and at 100yds I can’t even hit paper. This is all with iron sites no matter were I position the site I can’t hit a thing . I also have a 1187 super mag with the slug barrel and the same load I get 1/2″ groups at 100yds with iron sites what’s with that 887

  • I have a 887 shoots every shell you put in it no issues so far. I recevied it as a joke because I am a BENELLI man have a NOVA and SUPER BLACK EAGLE. I like the 887 for the length of pull and its as lite as a feather and easy recoil with duck loads. I took out this morning for the last day of duck hunting, because the person who got it for me was there. First thing that happend I fell into a sink hole gun was completly sumbmerged. Shot all morning no issues. This gun will replace my nova. BENELLI nova for sale BEEN used 8 years for hunting, boat padle ,hammer ,and everything else $350. Sorry for the spelling and punctiation I am a hunter not a English teacher

  • E. Carter

    Does anyone know of any good websites that carries Pistol grips with collapsible stocks for this gun?

  • Tony

    I bought an 887 nitro mag 2 years ago and have only been able to shoot it during illinois early goose season, but i have loved it and have had no problems. I think remington makes great guns. Now I am just waiting for a slug barrel for it so i can take my son out during deer season when he is ready

  • WDS

    Good Lord! I have never heard such silliness about a gun in my life! I shoot Remington’s all the time. Had two, 870’s the jamming beasts. Nastiest damn guns I ever owned! My 11-87 3 1/2 has killed more duck and geese than most people ever see let alone shoot at. 887 shooting low. Answer is simple. The damn thing does not fit you! Blowing off the choke tubes! Ya did not screw the damn thing in all the way! Bolts falling out??? Bullcrap! It just cannot! Coming loose in the receivers? Can happen but some thing broke to let it happen! After over 1000 rounds through an 887 not so much as a bobble. I can assure you MOST hunters and gun nuts do not have a clue as to what makes a shotgun click let alone shoot where it is pointed! Shells guns and people do not often work well together. Each gun is different each stock is different and each one NEEDS to be patterned and FIT the shooter. It boils down to what fits you! More than that, it depends on YOU maintaining your gun taking it down (striping it before you EVER shoot it) cleaning it and making darn sure, it is in THE right working order. All guns have issues ALL of them, I do not give a crap who makes it! The replacement 870’s I received from Remington worked perfectly over 40 years worth of shooting. The People that do have problems with the 887 are more people problem, than the guns. Are there issues? Yep and there always, will be and yes! ya can get a bad one out of the box but you can bet your bottom dollar it is damn rare!

  • Jade H.

    By a very large margin this is the best shotgun I have ever owned! I know a lot of folks are loyal to the tried and true 870 but let me tell you, the thing blows it away!!! Patterns much tighter, shoots softer, killer location of slide release, is a joy to care for, pulls up and aims much quicker and will eat any combo of ammo you throw at it….do not be afraid of something new…you will not be disappointed! One word of advice…just like a good hand gun, do not limp wrist it or short stroke it…a precision firearm needs to be fire and handled correctly!!! Don’t blame the gun…learn to do it right! Enough said, go get you one!

  • Jack

    I bought my son an 887 for his birthday June 2011. Never fired it because it would not load the next shell. It would just fall out the bottom. Academy sent it back and Remington replaced it with the camo model at no extra charge as a “good faith” gester. I had told them i had several Remingtons and had never had a problem. One is the 870 that I can’t wear out. New 887 lasted half way through duck season before it would jam on every shot and became almost impossible to load another shell. Sent it back to Remington and they said it had too much internal damage and it would be replaced. That was two and half months ago. Last week Academy checked on it and all Remington would say was “it is in production”. Academy was very apologetic but they were not sure what Remington meant by that. Academy said they would take care of it. We have a Nova and I wish I had bought another one.

  • sean

    887 is Crap!!! Unless you shoot two feet high! Don’t waste your money get the 870 it’s dependable! And shoots on out the box!! Like any good gun should

  • I purchased an 887 last chirstmas for my grandson. it misfires every other shot. never again! have 5 remingtons no other problems.

  • I bought this gun in October 2012 for turkey hunting. I’ve owned an 870 for about 20 years now and killed about everything that flies and is edible. This 887 is junk!! Period!!! How does a brand new gun shoot a foot low at 25 yards using a $75 Truglo adjustable choke and $5 per shell hevi shot loads??? Anyone that says it shoots straight hasn’t patterned it or just got real lucky. I did kill a turkey with it, at 30 yards, but I aimed about 6″ high and bludgeoned the breast. One shot in the head, multiple in the legs, and blasted the chest. What a huge waste of $500. If any of you guys that love this gun want a near perfect condition gun for $400, it’s all yours.

  • DJ

    Bought an 887 3 weeks ago it had issues right away at the range wouldn’t eject spent shells without really hammering the slide then had a few mis fires. Took it home and stripped cleaned and lubed and tried again the next weekend seems to work better the mis fire was operator error it needs to be slammed shut I had 1 shell stick in the barrel but it came out with less effort. This is shooting trap feeding 1 she’ll at a time I’m hoping it breaks in and has less trouble because I hit the clay with it and it fits me.