First Look at Mossberg’s New LBA Trigger

John Taranto at The Gun Shots is the first to review the new Mossberg LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) trigger:

The LBA’s trigger blade is not nearly as deep as that of the AccuTrigger. In fact, without using a measuring device, I’d say it’s about two-thirds to half as deep. Considering one of the primary purposes of this type of trigger system is to eliminate trigger creep, I think it makes sense that there isn’t a lot of anticipation as you bring the blade flush with the trigger itself. Bottom line: When I wanted the 4×4 to fire, it broke crisply at that moment, and not a millisecond later.

LBA Trigger

While I love the Savage AccuTrigger I hate the little tool it uses for adjustment. I just know if I ever need to adjust it the thing will have gone missing. The LBA uses a screwdriver which is a much better idea.

The LBA will be available next year on Mossberg 100 ATR and 4×4 bolt action rifles. I previously wrote about the LBA here.
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  • People who hate the trigger safety on Glocks are just gonna looove this.

    • Paul, it is a different concept.

      If it works like the AccuTrigger, pulling back the trigger without first pulling back the “inner blade” will make the trigger will lock up. It is designed to allow the user to safely lower the trigger pull without worrying about accidental discharge.

  • Nomen Nescio

    so it’s kind of a decocker for rifles?

    • Nomen, it locks the trigger, I do not think it decocks the firing mechanism.