RC Helicopter with mounted .45 1911

Reader Beau emailed me this video. It shows a RC Helicopter firing a Springfield 1911 .45 ACP pistol.

I am impressed by the accuracy. The recoil does not seem to be much and at first I wondered if the video was a hoax. But it looks like it is a big RC helicopter, which has a lot of forward thrust which would counter some of the recoil.

Steve Johnson

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  • Don

    Someone has expensive hobbies. I do wonder if it is real or not. It seems a little on the dangerous side. As cool as it is I’d be glad never to see it in person. Ever see someone crash an RC helicopter?

    • Don , they crash all the time, although I have not seen a crash in person. It is a very expensive sport.

  • Don

    Indeed, and when they crash they spin like hell…

    “Man shoots self with RC helicopter.”

  • Sean Nack

    why would you give a robot a gun? has no one seen terminator?

  • Man, that’s nuts.

  • MadMax

    I was waiting for the casings to fly into the blades while being ejected.

  • M. Werner

    I had wondered how long it would take before someone would fit some sort of weapon to one of these things, possibly those various little UAV’s the military is playing with.

    A sheet of stick-on plastic explosive, a bunch of BBS…You’d have an assassination weapon.

  • That’s insane!

  • Mark

    This is the kind of thing that justifies the term “gun nut”. This is beyond stupid. The idiot who built it needs to be put away.