Iraq looking to buy $148 million worth of M16, M4 and M203.

From the ASD Network:

The Government of Iraq has requested a possible sale of (80,000) M16A4 5.56MM Rifles, (25,000) M4 5.56MM Carbines, (2,550) M203 40MM Grenade Launchers, spare and repair parts, support equipment, publications and technical data, personnel training and training equipment, contractor engineering and technical support services, and other related elements of logistics support. The estimated cost is $148 million.

The M203 will start being replaced next year. It looks like they will end up in Iraqi service.

Steve Johnson

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  • 😉 Finally, we get some payola for the American companies! I wonder if Iraq will eventually end up like Israel, where we give them lots of money because they are our bestest buddies, and they buy lots of military hardware from us with it, and we get to pretend the taxpayer in America isn’t just giving money to the manufacturers.

  • jdun1911

    They bought M16, M4, and other made American weapons because they are better. The current AKs that the Iraqi have are old and came from different manufactures/countries.

    Not all AK are made the same. Hence, there are a lot of AK in Iraq that is not functioning correctly, i.e. mismatch parts. By going with the AR they streamline their small arms inventory.

    Iraq is part of a large list of Middle East countries that have adopted the AR as their standard military issue rifle.

  • I must write a refutation to Vote For David.In the real world,it takes guns and men to stabilize any society.It is not merely for the gain of money that guns are made and sold.Anyone with such a flippant attitude indicates to me that you have never been in a seriously deadly confrontation.
    By implication,I am saying that I have been in some.If you ever get into a few,you won’t be so keen to use a winking emoticon.
    Israel is our only reliable friend in the Middle East and it pays to treat them well.We would be fools to think that they are only in it for the money.
    There is an inextricable link between Jews and Christians.One hand washes the other.

  • If only Iraq were to end up like Israel,I can only hope and pray for such a thing!The Middle East is the most pernicious of areas and the Arabs are a treacherous lot.Let Iraq fight for its life in the midst of the piranha that surround them and infest that country.

  • Bob

    Iraq already has thousands of AK-47 why spend an extra 148 million on M-16 and M-4 when it can be spend on hospitals and better education.

  • Realist

    M-16 is better then Russian AK-47,AK-74, AK-103 and AN-94!!!

  • Valhalla

    Bob, because they just aren’t as good.

    AKs can be big unless you buy the paratrooper models (if they even make ’em), and that’s still not a carbine. Therefore they want M-4s, and since the M-4 uses 5.56 NATO, why not get the M-16, since an AK doesn’t use NATO rounds.

  • GODofPWN

    the ak is a very good weapon as well… there are just alot of makers in europe and asia… i bet if another country in place of usa was their using AK model weapons to help they would have purchased from them

  • Come on Steve, how does that sort of junk slip thru?

    • BEATS ME! Few things make me more angry than crap like that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Haha, now we’re both bashing on the AK! Oops, oh well, it’s better than the alternative. 😉

  • charles222

    Given that not even the country of origin uses either the AK-47 or 7.62x39mm anymore, it’s not a surprise that Iraq isn’t, either. The M16 is a superior weapon in virtually every way; as a former Military Training Team soldier, I can tell you that the AK is extremely prone to accidental discharge with new soldiers. We had at least three or four a week with our Iraqi Army guys.