Greeks selling off Stens, Brens and Enfields

StrategyPage reports thats the Greeks are selling off their Lee-Enfields, Brens and Stens.

In Cyprus, the Greek defense forces (the Cyprus National Guard is the armed forces of the Greek portion of the divided island of Cyprus) is selling off some 9,000 of its oldest (as in very old) weapons to collectors. These World War II era weapons include over 7,000 Lee-Enfield No 4 rifles, 1,000 Sten submachine guns and 90 Bren machine-guns. A set of guns (one of each) is going for $1,700. The Stens, which are quite rare these days, go for nearly $650 each. All these weapons will be demilitarized (firing pins removed and a metal plug inserted inside the barrel.) The weapons would sell for more if they were sold in firing condition, but there was fear that terrorists or other criminals would buy and use them.

It is a pity they are deactivating them. The terrorist justification is nonsense, but I can understand them deactivating the Stens and Brens, they can’t sell them to civilians, but deactivating enfields is such a waste.

 Wikipedia Commons 9 99 Pistolet Maszynowy Sten, Muzeum Orła Białego
Sten Mk II submachine gun (From Wikipedia)

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  • Pete

    LOL, yes, one has to be worried about terrorists using the same kinds of bolt action Enfield rifles the Mumbai Police claimed were inadequate to fend off terrorists just last month. You never know, them terrorists might get the idea to use Enfields in their next attack just to show the Mumbai Police force that the rifles are effective after all… or not.

    • Pete , haha, well said.

  • Johann Van De Leeuw

    Wouldn’t it be possible to reactivate them?

    • Johann, nothing is impossible but, for example, welding the internals together and cutting out essential parts can make it about as useful as any other piece of steel.

  • jo

    I totally agree with Pete that it’s retarded to ruin good guns. They shouldn’t even mess up the Stens, they should just do thourghough background checks before selling them.