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  • solomon

    Sorry Steve, I might be prejudging it but I consider them so far to the left that they make the Brady organization look conservative. I know you don’t do politics on here so delete if you have to but I think that a program by those folks would be nothing but left wing propaganda.

  • SPaker

    I didn’t see it myself but I heard it was shamelessly and fiercely anti-gun. One supposed direct quote went something like “unfortunately, people still have the right to own a gun…”

  • Joe

    I can’t say that you’ll see anything new. Most of the arguments are just the same thing you’ve heard before.

    It had one of the most bogus definitions I’ve ever heard of an assault weapon. I can’t remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of a gun that fires every time you pull the trigger.

    It was kind of neat seeing a couple of people they interviewed. One was a woman whose house had been broken into and she was looking at a gun for self protection. She learned that people at a gun show were pretty normal and that she had a knack for shooting. The other was a gentleman who had immigrated from Greece and therefore really appreciated the basic human right of gun ownership.

  • Sean Nack

    i’d say it was ok. it fairly represents both sides, but comes down pretty firmly as anti-assault-weapon. it’s not a michael moore job. although my vote for bad-ass of the year goes to a philly cop they feature that gets a shotgun blast to the face, gets up, and chases the guy down.

  • Nick

    Its a fairly one sided anti-gun piece. They throw in some “good” things about firearms but it was pretty thinly veiled anti-gun rhetoric.

  • Brian

    It was actually pretty balanced between pro and anti. There was a long segment focusing on a Philadelphia police officer that was shot in the line of duty. There was also a segment on a Virginia housewife considering a handgun for self-defense. Showed a class III shoot in Nevada. The people at the shoot were shown to be average citizens, not camo clown nutjobs. There was not a lot of anti-gun hysteria shown. Kinda surprised me. The hardest part of the program was seeing the destruction of confiscated guns by the BATFE. I’m sure there were a few collector guns destroyed. Worth watching.

  • Thanks for your comment guys.

  • Sam Suggs