New Winchester Xpediter .22 LR Hyper Velocity

Winchester announced their second .22 LR “Hyper Velocity” round. The Xpediter round has similar performance to the new non-toxic Winchester SUPER-X .22 Long Rifle. It pushes a 32 grain lead hollow point bullet at 1,640 fps.


The original Xpediter

I am not sure if this round is identical to the original that used to be produced by Winchester many years ago.
[No doubt its a shrewd marketing plan of Winchester to dole out individual press releases over a period of time instead of announcing everything at once … ]

Hat Tip: Shooting Wire

Steve Johnson

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  • Mello

    Hello Steve.

    I live in Brazil, and own three .22 LR : a CBC clone of the Remington Nylon 66, a Brno mod.1, and a FN Browning 22 LR. I really love the .22 caliber, mainly because it’s very affordable. But I’m completely ignorant about ammunition types. Where can i find definitions of the Hyper, stinger, magnum, etc, as in my country I find only subsonic, holow, and CHOG ogival cartridges?
    I just found your really cool blog, I didn’t explore the older posts. If the answer for this question is somewere in the past, escuse me, please.
    Really enjoyed the clean, direct approach.

    Best regards


  • Matt

    In regards to the question, there are a few answers. You will want to make sure you are only looking up information for a cartridge that your guns can handle. If it were me I would stick with the .22 longs. Keep in mind that a .22 magnum is a totally different gun.

    If you want to look up some details about the different bullets you can check out a few of the websites from the manufactures of them. and http://www.federalpremium. are some examples.

    A lot of companies make different version of the shells, some with copper plated bullets that reduce fouling of your gun, some with all led and a waxy coating. Also the weight of a bullet will make some difference, 32 grain and 39 grain bullets seem to be some of the more common.

    In my opinion for a .22 cartridge it makes little difference which ones you shoot, just make sure that you get a clean cycle without jamming your gun, and also that it shoots a good group at the furthest you plan to shoot your gun. I like my .22 long rim fire for out to about 75 yards maximum, 100 is a stretch, but others who are better shots than me might disagree.

  • Sean

    The original Xpeditor was an awsome round….took many a squirrel and rabbit with them on a head shot, and for taking woodchucks it was great because of the shock of that little round…seems to me though the original was a 29 grain Hollow pt, tried using Aquila Super Max Hyper velocity (30 gr 1,750 fps) but they are not consistent, there is a tendency to having frequent bad flyers, or inconsistent loads when it comes to performance. Consequently I am looking forward to trying some of these “New” Xpeditors, since I enjoyed them so much 25 years ago, and by the way I have in the back of my gun safe a full brick of the originals.

    Safe hunting and luck to all…..

  • Rick

    It looks just like a CCI Stinger, I use the Stinger, for Coon Hunting, but I tried them on Squirrel, and they tear them up too bad.
    A Racoon, is tough, and if you can get a good shot on them with a Stinger, it will kill them cleanly, and dosent tear up too much hide, or meat. Yes some people in the south eat racoon.

  • Terrific blog!

    I was surprised at the difference in two very similar rifles. I had a polymer stocked Savage sporter .22lr (Mark II) that loved Eley Sport ammo and other sub-1100 fps lead round nose ammo. I sold it a few years ago. This year I bought a new Savage Mark II with the same basic specifications, except that it has a wooden stock instead of polymer. Both Savage rifles are clip-fed bolt-action guns. This new rifle does not like the slower ammo. I get groups with five-holes-touching at 50 yards with Federal 510’s @ 1240 fps, and with CCI Stingers @1640 fps (advertised). Since I hunt squirrels I zeroed in for the Ffederal 510 ammo.

    Maybe I’ll try some of the “New Winchester Xpediter .22 LR Hyper Velocity.” Until this experience with my new Savage rifle, I would never have considered any hyper velocity round for any rifle. I just figured they were inherently inaccurate.

    Live and learn, huh?

  • Kindheart

    Hey all…I was going through some ammo boxes I had in the garage and found that I had a couple of bricks of the original 29 gr JHP ammo. Evidently I never fired the stuff when I bought it. Any info on why WW went from the 29 gr to the 32 gr ? I am looking forward to firing mine in my 10/22 and my Ruger Mark II to see how it performs.

  • Blitzspeer

    These cartridges have more ftlbs. and initial impact because of the high speed fps which is what you wan’t to cycle in a semi auto pistol for a self defense round,nobody want’s to get shot not by a .22 or anything else but these cartridges will put a good hurt to a perpetrator and I’d rather have a good .22 round than a .25 or a .32 to be honest.

  • Renee

    The original Expediter was a 29grain bullet, Copper Hollow point. It came in the silver box as above.
    i believe it was made for only a short time. It may have been too hot. The velocity was around 1700-1800. I’m not sure how fast. I believe at the tine it may have been faster than the CCI Stinger, which in 1984 was advertized as the fastest 22L.r. cartridge available. I have a brick of C.C.I Stingers & the receipt for them in July 1984. They were $1.50 per box.
    I also have a Brick & a couple of boxes of the Winchester Expediter.
    Hope this may help.

  • PawneeBill47

    People say it was too hot, if you had a good quality firearm it was not. I still have two bricks of the old/original stuff. I bought 4 when they stopped production. They are marked “Sale $8.88”