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  • doesnt’ the forward grip make this an NFA item?

  • 22lr

    That gets me thinking. What could I do with mine.?

  • The forward grip makes it NFA anyway.

  • hmmm, looking at the photo it looks more like a revolver than a derringer.

  • John

    It seems to be missing the bayonet. What type of TACTCOOL gun doesn’t have a bayonet ???????

  • Needs a collapsible stock. That would make it. Bi pod? Lasersight and gas launcher? Ooooo and that glass breaker.

  • Tony

    Mike: and maybe a cup holder? 🙂

    (Actually, in all seriousness, I most definitely want the Badger Ordnance cup holder. Pity they don’t actually make one… 🙁 )

  • Mac_Trekkie

    Well this is a bit late, but that doesn’t look like a derringer. Looks like an North American Arms mini revolver, probably a .22 LR, the barrel looks too long compared to the cylinder to be the .22 Magnum.