Australian Snipers using Blaser Tactical 2 rifles

“0497” spotted these photos at The rifles pictured appear to be the Blaser Tactical 2. The photos are of the Australian Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan. Click to expand:

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The Tactical 2 is available chambered in .223 Rem., .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag. and .338 Lapua Mag. and features the Blaser straight pull bolt system.

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Blaser Tactical 2. Click to expand.

Australia recently purchased AU$161,716.66 worth of Blaser Tactical 2 rifles:

Picture 30-2

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  • jdun1911

    That muzzle brake will light you up like a Christmas tree. Lucky for the Australians, the Taliban are not good shooters.

    They got to be using 338 Lupa or 300 win mag with those long ass barrel and muzzle brake. If that is the case, they have the option to engage the enemies over 1000 yards for win mag and 1500+ for lupa. Painful shooting tho, even with the muzzle brake.

  • tarkan

    There must be also a post about McMillan Tac-50 with Lilja .50 caliber barrels and Nightforce 5.5-22x NXS,the Canadian combo menu for 2,430 metres.Any other 50 cal using Lilja barrels?

  • Pete

    JDUN is right about the muzzle brake. Hence why the Aussies are using the rifles in the photo above with suppressors instead of that muzzle brake…

  • matt

    i have one of these, the muzzle brake is a must i say, there is little or next to nothing in movement in 338, it has to be one of the sturdiest rifles i have fired and it makes one hell of bang

    i have to get these guys credit for using it without a brake

  • Jacob

    I agree with matt, this is a very sturdy rifle and yes, the muzzle brake is a must!

  • Adam

    The reason these men are using suppressors instead of muzzle brakes is of course to reduce both noise and flash. New suppressor technology can actually enhance accuracy when properly implemented.
    I have this rifle with two barrels (338 Lapua Mag and .308) and a Horus Falcon Scope system. It is a great value for the money. It is an incredibly accurate weapon.
    The Lapua Mag with suppressor is an amazing combination. Fifteen hundred yards is no longer an ear shattering experience.

  • XxleoxX

    I have one of these and it is one hell of a gun, mine’s chambered in 308 and has a different muzzle brake, and i guess the recoil isnt so much to worry about….

  • Mike

    I have one of these. They are amazing to shoot. I shoot without the muzzle break and it is painful. Muzzle Breaks are between $250-300 US dollars if i remember correctly. I hear they work really well, but i don’t mind shooting without one. I shoot 250gr Matchking.

    I have heard people say that the gun is less accurate with the break. Not sure though.

    Great Gun. Spend some time with the gun first before you head to the range. Lay on the ground and adjust the stock, cheek piece, trigger and optics. If you are shooting in .338 you know you don’t want to waste to much ammo sighting in. At $6 a round unless reloading.

  • boris

    i love you the blaser tactical 2

  • ranger4

    I have a Blaser LRS2 in 308 & 243 with a standard 1 in 10 twist and special order 1 in 8 twist 243 cal, Have found them to be the most acurate factory rifle to date, Anyone Using the Berger VLDs jammed to Lands with Light neck tension can see how acurate thease rifles are, what Loads are you guys finding acurate with your blasers.

  • loarpicker

    For a post market suppressor, what is the best and what is the thread size of the .308 barrel?

  • Raymond

    I have one as well with a switch on the right side that can pour coffe and through the scope you have the ability to switch to you Playboy station….or send email with a blink of an eye, The Brake is nice to use as a seat after you tag your prime beef..The barel can detach to use as a Supe ganga pipe…and the best part of it all its the cheapest in the market because it does not yeah otherwise that nice rifle.

  • Chief

    There was a documentary shown here in Australia about two sappers that were killed in one shot they were shown sitting against a hesco barrier with the Blaser on top. It was unchanged still in original colours and all.