Chechen Home-Made Weapons

English Russia, a humorous blog about all things Russia, has photos of home-made firearms confiscated by police and army in Chechnya.

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30mm or 40mm grenade launcher?

Looks like a Baikal over and under shotgun
with pistol grip and cut down barrel.

Pretty nifty carbine.

Many more at English Russia.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nick

    oh jeez who has NOT seen these pictures, i am surprised that you left the improvised SMG’s out of it, they are the real beauties of the Chechen arsenal.

  • Nick, I hadn’t seen them before 😉

  • I have never seen this and I am pretty hard core reader about guns.

  • Dino

    The grenade launcher even appears to have a safety (the semicircular notched pivoting piece.) That’s pretty thoughtful…wonder if they figured that one out the hard way, with no trigger guard.

    I kinda like the over-and-under pistol, in an asthetic way.

    The carbine’s something else. Based on a Spanish Destroyer perhaps? Hooded front sight, tangent rear, and a fifteen-plus-one capacity, what’s not to like?

  • V.I.P.

    wow. I wonder how effective those weapons are.

  • Destroyer

    This is a perfect example on why not to underestimate a opponent…despite you having artillery, tanks, bombers, and ICBMs. Human tenacity and resourcefulness ultimately prevail over superior technology.

  • FK

    Wow, EA must’ve seen these, because the Rusty Stock in Army of 2 the 40th Day looks exactly like the stock on the last carbine pic, including the bolt handle on the folding mechanism.

  • Zander

    The stock from the last pic was lifted by EA and used in the newest Army of Two game.

  • Evilfred

    I read somewhere that the “grenade launcher” actually is a 12 gauges shotgun!

    single round! 🙂

  • Sam Suggs

    maybe a charge is used to propel the grante I dont think its a shotgun but i dont think anyone knows