Sig Desert 556 Rifle And P226 Pistol Matched Set


Ammoland has the info:

The Desert Digital Special Edition is a matched set featuring the SIG556 ER folding stock rifle and P226 pistol in 9mm. Both rifle and pistol share unique matching serial numbers and ship in a custom tactical hard carry case by Pelican.

The set includes (1) double 30 round magazine set for the rifle and (3) 15 round magazines for the pistol. A certificate of authenticity is included. This collectors edition is limited to 1500 units total.

Pretty cool. No word on price.

More info at Ammoland.

Steve Johnson

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  • No word on price.

    Too much.

  • Sean Nack

    ditto. and it’s ugly. the whole reason i’m not getting a SCAR, other than massive price gouging but i’d already decided not to when that came up, is that it’s only available in “flat dark earth.” how many of us are taking our weapons into the desert and need to be camo’d? what’s wrong with a classy black? and from what i hear (, those handguards are a little delicate.

  • jdun1911

    Breaking a plastic hand guard does suck but the rifle can still shoot without it. On the other hand it’s bad to be on the receiving end of a broken, warped, or melted plastic receiver. Might as well kill yourself when that happen. The last thing you want to hear from your enemies is “WTF”.

    Anyway I never understood why they put an AR stock on the Sig 556.

  • martywd

    “No word on price”

    I just checked Sig’s website. ==> Package MSRP – $3,499.00

  • Rabbit

    An acquaintance told me he saw one of these at a Dallas gunshow in the last 2 weeks. Had a price of $5000.00US on it; while standing there, someone came up and wrote a check for it along with a case of ammo for each.

    Seems a little extreme, even for the matching serial numbers.


  • martywd, thanks.

  • Rabbit, wow!

  • jdun1911

    After seeing the Youtube video. I can’t believe Sig is that cheap that they didn’t installed a heat shield on the plastic hand guard.

  • Thomas


    to bad im just lerning to shoot

  • Sam

    I own an M&P AR and a Rock River. A friend let me shoot his 556 (black, of course), and I gotta say, yeah, they’re pricey but DANG! There is a difference.

  • Chucky


    So from what you saw, the 226 was that much better than the AR?