New NAA “The Earl” .22 Magnum revolver

Early next year North American Arms will be selling “The Earl”, a “five shot single action 1860’s-styled mini-revolver chambered in .22 Magnum”. The revolver is named after the gunsmith who developed it.

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To complete the mid-1800’s look they have included a fake reloading. It has a 4″ octagonal barrel and weights 8.6 oz. The MSRP for the standard model will be $289. A model with a .22 Long Rifle cylinder will cost $324.

More info at NAA.

Steve Johnson

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  • I’ve seen a similar gun in blackpowder, and I think it was from NAA. I wonder if this is based on the blackpowder version, and the loading lever was already there?

  • Yes, NAA does offer a black powder minirevolver (“The Companion”), which is “almost” indistinguishable from our 22M model. “The Earl” is an entirely new design (to us). It is possible that it, too, will be offered in black powder, but no timetable has been set for this possible iteration.

  • Rex Herndon

    When will “The Earl” be available and can it be pre-ordered? I really like the looks of this pistol and will buy one when the are available.

    • Rex, no sure, sometime this year.

  • chuck

    I want one and NOW!!! Any dealers have them yet?


  • Darvell

    NAA offered a pre-sale of the 1860 Earl, but it ended March 8. They are beginning to ship the pre-sale firearms now and into the next couple of weeks. After that, I suspect the will begin to show up at distributors and dealers.

    I got my pre-order Earl yesterday. Very cool. It could possibly become my favorite NAA mini (and I have quite a few, include a couple of the black powder companions). The octagonal barrel is very cool. So is the fake loading lever (which secures the cyldiner pin).

    I was also pleasantly surprised by the nice leather flap holster. It’s soft leather that almost feels like vinyl, because it’s so soft, but it’s not. Fits the Earl very well and protects it nicely. I recommend it.


  • markphillips

    I new Earl the gunsmith before his death and i am glad to see it finished. I will be buying one, thanks for finishing. Mark