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  • jdun1911

    I prefer L5 Lancer because of the metal feed lip and they drop free in all of my lowers unlike Pmag.

    No mag are perfect, sooner or later they wore out.

  • Sean Nack

    this is just me, but i’d rather they didn’t drop free. i prefer the AK mag release lever because it requires you to have your hand on the magazine when you remove it from the weapon. this video is just another reason i will be purchasing a metric f*ck-ton of pmags, and holding out for the ACR…

  • jdun1911

    If you don’t want the mag to drop free do a tac-reload or put your weak hand to prevent the mag from dropping.

    You won’t be able to get Pmag anytime soon. Magpul have a huge back order from what I understand.

    Anyway you might want to try this speed loading technique for Ak.

  • Pretty good testament to the P-Mag.

  • Sean Nack

    i’m familiar with the techniques you mentioned, so i’ll rephrase: i don’t like the magazine dropping to the ground. just something they train out of you. i will say, though, that AK reload is wicked-fast…problem being, when the zombies come, he’s not gonna want to go back and get the mag he left behind, you know what i mean?

  • Sean Nack

    i spoke before i looked: this is the video i thought you’d linked me too, which i think has been on steve’s blog before.

  • 22lr

    I bought a bunch of Pmags for $15 each a while back and dang, worth $50 a piece if you ask me. Amazing.

  • JY#1Fan

    I wouldn’t take James Yeager’s word on anything.

    His background is getting fired from 3 (four now?) police departments and then a short stint as a contractor where he ran like a girl and some of his co-workers died.

    (Yeager will tell you he “got off the x”. I understand that, but when your buddies are wounded, you go back for them.)

    In short, he is a loud mouth, knowitall tough guy he has tried to sue everyone around him. No one of any real authority gives him any credit.

    Please save the “You wouldn’t say that to his face” comments. I’m waiting for the day I can grab that fat pig by his ear and make him cry.

    Other then that, I like my Pmags!