Custom .50 BMG rifle confiscated from Mexican gang

This interesting .50 BMG rifle was discovered on a raid by Mexican police and army:

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My take on the rifle is that it is a McMillian TAC-50 action with an AR-50 barrel and muzzlebreak and a homemade unfinished (no recoil pad) stock.

Picture 4-19
McMillian TAC-50

Picture 5-14
Armalite AR-50

More photo of the captured weapons at

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  • jdun1911

    It looks that way. Changing the stock, that is.

  • From the stock, it kind of looks like a Harris M87R. (Gale McMillan designed the .50 BMG M87 and M88 bolt actions, and later sold his rifle company to Wes Harris, who used the old designations. Ultimately, there were problems and much ill will between the McMillan family and Harris. Gale’s sons eventually took up where their father left off. The TAC-50 is a refinement of the older M88R.)

  • Daniel, do you have any photos. I cannot find any on the ‘net.

  • No, sorry. The VPC site has a photo of the later Harris M95, which is kind of close except for the larger magazine.

  • Lot’s of folks bolt the Armalite muzzle break onto their .50 BMG rifles.