Golden Guns

Not your standard golden AK or Dragunov. These were on display at IDEAS Pakistan 2008 by POF (Pakistan Ordnance Factories, the Pakistan stated owned arms and ammunition manufacturer).

Photo by skybolt. Click to expand.

The submachine guns are POF’s SMG-PK (Licensed built H&K MP5K). The Rifle is a G3A3.

I am not sure about the pistol or shotguns. The pistol could be a stainless/plated framed version of the POF PLK-30 7.62x25mm pistol.

Steve Johnson

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  • J.J

    it looks like a beretta 92

  • The pistol is called the PK-9, and is a local copy of the Beretta M92-FS

  • Sam Suggs

    theirs a tastful way to use god plating this is not it

  • Asad Khan

    the pistol is a 9mm copy of the Beretta 92
    PLK-30 is so far, a myth.

    However, I did get my hands on a .30(7.62x25mm) pistol, made in Darra Adam Khel, based on Browning HP ( i think) it has a staggered mag with a 15rd capacity and a safety too. the grips were cheap but unlike other local tokarevs the barrel looked nicely finished. I didnt see that gun again on my second visit. the dealer at “afridi arms, KArachi” demanded 85000 PKR ($800) for it. no box, 1 extra mag, basic cleaning kit.