POF Eye: Pakistan Corner Shot clone

These days it seems no defense exhibition is complete without the unveiling of a new Corner Shot clone. The Pakistan IDEAS-2008 expo, which finished today, did not disappointed!

The POF Eye was purportedly developed in only 6 months by Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF).

Picture 19-8

Click to expand. Photos from Defence.pk.

According to Wikipedia, there will be three variants: pistol, submachine gun and grenade launcher.

While I have always been skeptical about the usefulness of the Corner Shot concept I think a grenade launcher could be very useful, especially in police-type situations using non-lethal ammunition.

The original Corner Shot also has a 40mm grenade option as well as an “Assault Pistol” (5.56mm M16 pistol) configuration.

Pakistan joins Iran, who early this year announced a clone, and China whose clone is called the HD66 (scroll down link for photo).

Thanks to Shoaib for letting me know about the POF Eye.

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun

    I think the money would be better spent on training.

  • dm

    The Australian-designer Aimpoint CEU makes a whole lot more sense than corner-shot.


  • David Brown

    I am surprised to see the quick learning of Pakistani weapons designers. They got the idea from Israeli corner shot and developed its clone in a remarkably short period of time.

    I think the reason can best be explained by using the proverb that necessity is the mother of invention. The situation Pakistani armed forces is facing is making them quick learner, formidably trained, with hands on experience of hunting al qaeda terrorists.

    Their situation is quite similar to Israel. Always in war, learn and develop new tactics, weapons and use them in the battle.

    • Burraak

      I think in today’s world of advance technology we are only limited by Ideas, Pakistan a nuclear weapon state advanced in Missile technology obviously capable of duplicating such toys.

  • David Brown

    This is a nice piece. However, the thing that makes it little less effective than corner shot or POF eye is that it is difficult for the operator who is not ambidextrous.

    A right handler will use it effectively as long as he is hiding behind a wall on his left side.

  • ali

    ACTUALLY this corner shot is very different from its isreali version
    the moving arm is different in function
    you dont have to pull it down to turn the gun like its isreali counter part
    mechanically its different
    and a bit for user firendly
    watch the videio on youtube you wil know wat i am talking about

  • i would says it is a state of art weapon. and congratulation to all pakistani nation. if they carry on like this no one dare to look at pakistan with a day eye.

  • Pakistan lover

    Fuck the israel n australia … Pakistan is a nuclear state pakistan missile technology… Its the genious mind of pakistani scientist… Pakistani scientist and engineer r now busy in making such a advance missile which target all europe southasia half africa russia … The range is 7-8000km …. The name is taimoor its not for dangerous purposes its for just the defence of ma mother land ……. Bye

  • saad ahmed

    perhaps this one is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then the corner shot. take this u f in israelis .they claim that no one can make such a thing