60mm Mortar Fired From The Hip

Even Hollywood has not gone this far!

Major Robert Henry Cain VC did this at Arnhem. From Dickiebo:

When Cain joined the battle the Staffords were under heavy attack by tank and heavy guns. By firing mortars at almost point blank range towards the Germans, the British were able to hold their ground. Cain and Major Jock Buchanan assisted Lieutenant Georges Dupenois in repelling the tanks by drawing fire and providing him with ammunition for his PIAT gun (low-tech anti-tank gun). Although no tanks were destroyed they were held back until Cain’s forces were ordered to retreat.

Hat Tip: MP.net

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  • Dave

    Just DO NOT brace the mortar on your hip.

  • Holy Sh*t! that’s stupid!

  • ditto

    Boy, the things we do when we are bored.

  • Sort of reminds me of storied my great-uncle would tell me about morons who used Japanese’s knee mortars,as they were called, by actually placing them on thigh while firing. Needless to say, a many Marines or Army soldiers had broken thigh bones or server bruises.

  • stopping pahwarh

    that was crazy