Interesting obscure Croatian submachine Gun


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It was build by J. Barbarić in 1944, in the small village of Čelebić, Livno. Some 100km east of Split Croatia. One piece is displayed in Belgrade Army Museum



I like the lines on this subgun.

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  • One trigger for auto, one for semi-auto?

  • Nomen Nescio

    what’s with the double triggers, i wonder? one for semiauto, one for full?

  • I actually didn’t notice that. I would says you guys are right.

  • paul

    that cocking slide on the side is pretty interesting

  • Aodh

    I would hazard a guess that perhaps the two triggers indicate a double action feature, as in pulling the rear trigger might perhaps make the front one a more reactive “hair trigger”?

  • Good on him for making this. In my opinion, he had this to protect himself against lowlifes/resistance fighter weapon. Long live the veterans.