The Firearm Blog reader Edward contacted Steyr about pre-ordering the AUG SA (civilian semi-automatic model) and was told it would $2995.00 $2295!

Wow! If you want to buy one you had better start saving. It makes that $500 Steyr AUG SA NATO stock (allows use of AR-15 magazines) not seem all that expensive!

Thanks to Edward for the info.

UPDATE: Edward just emailed me to say Steyr linked to PJs which is listing the price as $2295.00. That sounds much more realistic.



Steve Johnson

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  • What is so great about the AUG to warrant that price? I have to ask is it made by magical dwarves in the Alps of Österreich?

  • Eddy Alvarez

    magpul/bushmaster masada/acr please

  • jdun1911

    Yeah I rather buy a Masada then a AUG.

  • The parts are made from freshly-squeezed unicorns. The barrel is milled from a single horn. Shots are guaranteed to be 0 MOA out to infinity.

    Ok, I’m making that last part up.

  • Edward

    Correction to the price, made a typo when reporting to Steve, it is $2295.00 with pre-orders accepted. Still pretty steep for me.

  • Matthew

    It cost money to play with the big kids. Plus this is a timeless weapon.

  • Tony

    AUG, Austrian Ugly Gun (Nice though)

  • Goodluck on getting one of those. Price will be almost double that of a AUG.

  • Sorry, I was refering to Ed AL and his wanting of a Massada or ARC.

  • Steve

    Why would pay that when you can get the MSAR STG-556 for significantly less?

    The receivers for these things are machined by Sabre Defence they told me.

    • Steve, they are not fully compatible with real AUGs

  • David Weller

    Well, I bought one. Love it! No regrets about paying 1.5X the price of a good quality M4.

  • Bruce Majury

    Must have been ten years ago I first saw the STEYER AUG SA with the electric trigger in Canada for eighteen hundred. Almost bought it but the wife had a tight hold of the boys back then, so it doesn’t have a home in my safe. Now for twenty two hundred I’ll ask her if she’ll let go, wish me luck eh?

  • Riaz

    Please apprise me how long time take to break plastic/fibber parts of AUG 5.56 i.e magzine or butt.

  • bob

    cheers mate give me a acog 😉

  • whats the deal with this guy then?
    i was thinking of getting one in the nato variant.