Ruger Blackhawk Flattop 44 Special


Next year (2009) Lipsey’s LLC is selling an exclusive line of Ruger Blackhawk Flattop 44 Special revolvers. Two models will be available, one with a 5.5″ barrel and another with a 4 5/8″ barrel.

 Eimages Nvb34-50
4 5/8″ model.

Hat Tip: Outdoor Wire

Steve Johnson

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  • Larry

    Love it ! I’ll probably buy one of the 4 5/8″ guns. Had a .357 NMBH a few yrs back, and it was great. The .44 will be better!

  • Larry

    I’ve already instructed my dealer to order me one of the 4 5/8 guns.

  • Tom Butler

    I just picked mine up today, the longer barrel 5 1/2 inch version. The grip is noticibly narrower than a conventional wood Blackhawk grip. It is exactly the width of my Vaquero, less than 1 inch accross at the medallion. Feels great. I can’t wait to shoot it. I have a lot of .44 Special ammo that I use I .44 Mag guns. The balance feels quite nice.

  • Tom Butler

    OK Folks, I did go out and shoot the 5 1/2″ .44 Special today, Feb. 17th. Nice shooter with lighter loads…say 5.0 gr Unique with an Oregon Trail 240 grain SWC, possibly a 200 gr RNFP. I also used some Trail Boss light loads with RNFP bullets. I had all this ammo around to shoot in .44 Mags, wimp that I am. IMHO, the recoil of the .44 Special Blackhawk is a knuckle rapper with more than 5 gr of Unique. I did notice that this particular gun shot way to the left, even when the sight was adjusted appropriatly. This was true for me as well as a buddy who is a good shot. Anyone have any ideas about this ? Drop me an e-mail at AC7AM [a t ] Cox [d o t] net. I once had a Single Six with a barrel cocked about 5 degrees to the left. Ruger fixed it. Anyway, whatda ya think? RSVP

  • John Nelson “Jack”

    You’re sure peaking my interest in this gun. I have an S&W Mod 624 in “The Special”, and I usually load it around 6.5 gr Unique with a .430-.431-inch 240 grain hardcast semi-wadcutter. I find that less than this really cakes my chambers with leading. My Speer tables tell me I should be getting around 850+ fps, (give or take 30′ or so). What kind of velocity does 5.0 grains give you, and what kind of a lead build up do you get at the chamber mouths? I have hands that are medium to small, so I was considering this model in this caliber.
    The way you write above, I surmise you know your stuff when it comes to shooting techniques, so I won’t presume to offer gripping advice re: the leftward shots. I’d send it to the factory with a letter of explanation. Ruger has always been extremely good to me when it came to backing up their products.