Atlantic Firearms cashing in on AWB 2.0

Atlantic Firearms just sold a Tromix converted Saiga 12 Shotgun for $3075. Atlantic normally sells them for about $1500!

Picture 66

Tromix has had such high demand they are not longer adding people to the waiting list. I think I read somewhere that those on the end of the waiting list will have to wait about 18 months.

 Images Green18-800L
#S06-Tromix Saiga 12ga. Price: $1,420

I wonder how much these evil black shotugns will sell for post-AWB 2.0.

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Steve Johnson

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  • I wouldn’t say that’s a “cash in” as much as the Gunbroker buyers bidding it up through the stratosphere. I don’t think you’re insinuating that the panic buying driving prices up by bidding is the fault of the seller, but I wanted to be clear that I feel if someone offers me a million dollars for my Ford Focus, I’m not profiteering if I take it from them.


  • DonOfPensacola

    That just turned into a bidding war from the looks of it. The conversions on the Saiga are a hot item. Atlantic Firearms offer some of the lowest prices online. I purchased an AR-15 and saved some coin. So, that’s my 2 cents on that.