Finnish military suspects Russia copied thier camo

The Fins are not happy with the Russians. reports:

The Finnish Defence Forces are investigating what they suspect is unauthorised copying of the M05 camouflage pattern by the Russian military, Finnish business daily Taloussanomat reported on its website Tuesday.

The M05 battledress pattern is a protected design.

According to Taloussanomat, a pattern bearing striking resemblance to the M05 had been seen in Russia’s Yeger battledress in news footage.

800Px-M05 Woodland Pattern
Finnish M05 woodland pattern (photo from Wikipedia)

Picture 62
New Russian Camo that was on display
earlier this year (2008) (Photo from


BallisticBaggins in the comments think this may be the camo the Fins are referring to (see comments below for more information):

Picture 64

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  • Nomen Nescio

    ok, call me blind, but i don’t see the similarity. they’re both four-color pixelated digi-cams, but what else do they have in common? the russian one looks much more broken up and fragmented, the finnish one has much more homogenous, unbroken color areas. the russian one uses two colors predominantly with the other two having much less coverage, the finnish one seems to use all four colors fairly evenly.

    the russian one actually resembles U.S. ACUs more than the finnish pattern, to me.

  • I agree. I don’t see the similarity, except that they’re both pixelated. Everyone’s going pixelated now. The Fins are being stupid.

  • I also could not see the similarity.Maybe they are referring to another new camo design or maybe the similarity is more obvious in a “zoomed out” photo of the M05.

  • Okami-San

    how does the finnish pattern even seem similar to the russian, minus the pixilation?it seems to me as if the russian would be better for a light foliage backdrop, whereas the finnish is more of a dense woodland camo… do people have nothing better to do but sue over remotely similar camo? what next, the army suing the marines for copying their acu camo?

  • gummywormz

    looks different to me

  • BallisticBaggins

    It’s a different camo. There are some sightings of some russians wearing a similar camo to the M05 during the war of Georgia. I’ll try to link pics if I can.
    Man on the left is wearing a camo very similar to the M05.
    Pic of a possible russian made uniform with the M05 pattern.

    Even if the pics don’t prove that the Russian military is copying the pattern, they still give a good reason to investigate.

  • Nooky

    The fins shouldn’t copy the swiss camo

  • Both camos are so effective, they’re a blur!!! Can’t tell one from another.

    It could be a Russian coming my way, but then it’s so close to a Finn that I think it’s best to wait for the spring spawn so I can see which one’s hightailing it upstream for the spawn.

  • Jalopeura

    Found a pretty good picture of M05

  • The Russians have been camo mad since the Soviet era and have copied practically everyones’ patterns!

    The have copied US M81 Woodland (Les), British DPM (Smog), German Flecktarn, Danish M84 Flecktarn (Flecktar-D) and even one based on Nazi SS Oakleaf (Partizan)…To mention just a few…

    BUT, the Russians have also created a host of other home grown designs, including the most recognized Flora and beautiful Russian Tigerstripe, and so on and so forth.

    Every Russian special unit (Spetsnaz) seems to want it’s own destinctive design to promote it’s own ‘elite’ status and to make matters worse they don’t seem to mind if they ‘mix and match’. I have seen photos of Russian soldiers wearing no less than three different types of camo pattern in the one ‘uniform’!

    The bottom line is this, when you create that many camo patterns, and by thier very nature, there is going to be similarities with other designs. I happen to agree with others that the similarity with the Finnish design is fleeting at best though.

  • CJS3

    So What?

  • John

    That’s a picture of the Russian camouflage, the pixelated one on this page is irrelevant!