New Lease on Life for M14 has an interesting article on the M14:

The growing need to equip these new marksmen with accurized rifles prompted the Army to reconsider the role of the venerable M-14 rifle for the war on terror. Back in Desert Storm, armorers from the 10th Special Forces group took M-14s equipped with a match barrels and fitted a gas piston on them for optimal performance, re-designating it the M-25. They replaced the stock with a McMillan M1A fiberglass one, developed a scope mount and added a Bausch & Lomb 10x40mm fixed-power optic or a Leupold Mark 4.

Hat Tip: Murdoc @ GunPundit

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  • jdun1911

    The M14 days are over in the US military. It is more or less a stop gap. It will be out of service once there are enough M110 in the field.

  • Sad but true. Once M110s are fielded on a widespread basis the M14 days will be drastically shortened. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Spec Ops guys with them still but nothing like they are used today.

  • I think it will be around for a while. The M24 was supposed to replace the M14/M21. The M110 is supposed to replace the M24 but the Army is still upgrading M24s ( ).

    With all the urgent expenses the military is facing, I think both the M24 and M14 will be around for some time.

  • charles222

    Pfft. The EBR is now being issued to every brigade in Afghanistan at a rate of 2 per squad.