Gold plated “Special Forces” Mac 10

I saw this Хроники безумного Макса, the blog of Max Popenker who also runs the famous

The inscription says “U.S Army Special Forces Commemorative(?) Mac 10”.

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I actually think it looks pretty classy, like that engraved MP5.

In case you are wondering, I cannot read Russian but I do subscribe to various overseas foreign language blogs.

Steve Johnson

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    Could you provide any information regarding the Gold plated “Special Forces” Mac 10? I have one that was given to me a few years ago. I do not have the commemorative case but the weapon is in the condition shown in your photograph. I am looking for any information as to why these were made and who they were given to or sold to.
    Also any information regarding value would be appreciated.

    Thankyou, David Beavers

  • Mark L.

    I can read some Russian. FWIF, the blog title translates as the Chronicles of Mad (Crazy) Max.

  • Sam Suggs

    what special forces branch uses that shitty little sheet metal sub gun I mean if you want to arm a revolutionary force that shits fine but special forces implys precision