Ammunition Price Increases

Guns, Holsters and Gear has a table showing a comparison of ammunition prices over the past two years. The price increases are staggering. An extreme example is Wolf .223 55 gr FMJ which has gone from $2.48 in January 2007 to $7.97 this month (November 2008)!

My prediction is that price increases will ease off by the end of 2009 and prices may decrease by the end of the following year (2010). My reasons for this are two fold:

1) The Afgan, Iraqi, and US ammunition dumps should be pretty full by then, or full enough to ease off on the purchasing, thereby decreasing demand and price.

2) With the global economy as it is, copper, lead and steel demand should drop off. The Gun Nut reports lead is dropping, although lead represents only a small percentage of the price of ammo.

Maybe my predictions will be way off. I hope not!

Steve Johnson

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  • jed

    Hmm, can’t tell whether my comment made it over there. Well, easy enough to repeat myself.

    I just wonder whether, when the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, we’ll see the supply side get a lot better. My guess it that the Dems, in addition to pulling back from the Middle East, will cut mil. spending even further. Don’t know how long that’ll take. Also don’t know whether world supply/demand for copper will much affected by that.

  • Concerned_Soldier

    Interesting comment, I’m am not convinced the Dems will cut military spending, I would agree that they will pull us out of Iraq or seriously reduce it. But I don’t believe they will cut defense to the point that we cannot prosecute the GWOT.

    Even the Dems don’t want to be known as the party that let America look weak or get attacked again.

    Great blog, I found your site of Dave Petzal’s GUNNUT site. Keep up the good work, well written and informative.

    Have you served before? My driver carried an M-4 just like the one you have on your site!

    Thanks for keeping the politics out and talking just guns!



  • Just about the time the prices begin to fall the Dems will probably have their punitive taxes on ammo in place.

  • Concerned_Soldier, I am pleased you enjoy the blog. Where do you see the blog on GUNNUT?

    Nope, I have no military experience.

  • With Obama in the White House and a Democrat Congress, expect just about every anti-gun piece of legislation to get a try-out.

  • Concerned_Soldier

    I’m sorry, I was wrong I get to your site from “The Gun Shots” site, that is blog rolled by Dave Petzal’s GUNNUT.

    I would send Dave a note and let him know you are interested in being listed. I bet he would list you after he checked out your site. I think he would like it.

    Again Sorry about that,



  • Concerned_Soldier, no problem. Thanks for sending Dave a note.

  • Scott

    BOY you couldn’t have been more wrong. I went to buy a box of shells this week. Good Lord! It is almost tripled in price. $60 per box for 300 ult mag.

    “My prediction is that price increases will ease off by the end of 2009 and prices may decrease by the end of the following year (2010).”