SCAR 16S and SCAR 17S available next year

Good news, the civilian semi-automatic SCAR will be launched next year (2009).

Both versions will be available: the .223/5.56mm SCAR 16S (civilian equivalent of the SCAR-Light) and the .308/7.62x51mm (civilian equivalent of the SCAR-Heavy).

SCAR-Light carbine (14″ barrel). The civilian model will have a longer barrel.

I have emailed FNH USA for pricing details but they have not yet got back to me.

From the press release:

Experience the civilian-legal semi-auto only version of the rifle chosen by U.S. Special Operations Command as its first new rifle since the early 1960’s. The SCAR 16S is chambered in 5.56X45mm NATO (223 Rem.) while the SCAR 17S fires the 7.62X51mm NATO (308 Win.) cartridge. The innovative gas-operated, short stroke piston system reduces fouling for greater reliability. The side folding polymer stock is fully adjustable for comb height and length of pull and is colored authentic USSOCOM Flat Dark Earth. Both 10 and 30-round detachable box magazines(DBM) are available, and the ambidextrous operating controls instantly adapt the SCAR S-Series to any user.

Unfortunately they will not come with this …

Picture 24-4


Photo of SCAR 16S:


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  • I am pretty unfamiliar with the SCAR-S. I know I like the idea of a piston (which should mean cleaner, more reliable, less maintenance) aspect.

    Does the SCAR-S platform share parts with the M-16/M-4/AR-15 platform. Or is it wholly independent.

    What would be the advantage of a SCAR-S over say a Sig Saeur SWAT in like caliber?

  • N.U.G.U.N., it is a new design, not based on another platform.

  • gummywormz


    i am sooo saving up the unknown amount of money for it…
    this is like my favorite rifle ever.

  • Robert Allen

    2009 may be too late. No way Obama will let these things out on the civilian market!

  • taylor

    Don’t fret just yet. Hopefully Obama will be too focused on the economy to pay attention to banning guns for a while.

  • Jeremy

    Personally I think IF another AWB ever come it will be a LONG way down the pike. Obama has too much on his plate to be able to try to push another AWB.

    The 90’s were very anti-gun. Now, not much at all. Yes we have a few idiots who want to ban them, but not like in the 90’s. We also didn’t have Heller vs. DC on our side back then.

    People forget, the ’94 AWB barely passed. We’ve had some real batshit crazy leftists in office for the past couple years and quite a few AWBs proposed, but they all died in comity. However we have had A LOT of pro-gun things passed, like Heller vs DC and the guns in state/national parks bills.

  • Jason

    Just picked up a FN SCAR Civy. It’s a good rifle. I paid $2,895.00 for it. It is one of the first 1000 production run for 2009 a generic certificate came with it. Many people are charging much more on gun auctions, so buyer be wear. These Rifles are coming out. It may very well be selling for much less than what I paid.

    Over all I like the feel of the rifle as it is very light, lighter than a AR. The controls are very user friendly much like the AR. It has an ambi mag release that is in the absolute right place. The Flip sights are very nice as well and fully adjustable. The only two negatives are, the Fn mag that comes with it is nothing to write home about. The best mag for it seems to be the HK. The P mag will not drop free from the mag well. Also the reciprocating charging handle may take some getting use too.

    I would say a fair price for the rifle would be in the $2500.00 range.

    I hope you find this info useful and if you have any questions please ask. I do not work for any firearms company I am just average joe gear head gun nut.

  • dethscul

    I’m a little disappointed FN ins’t releasing (yet) a civvy-version of the SCAR 17 LB, as shown here:

    Pretty much the same as the 17S, just has a 20 in. barrel. What’s striking to me is how much this looks like an updated FAL, and it would be nice to have that vs. your std. kit rebuild FAL, or a DSA clone.

    If anyone might have info in the future on this matter from FN or press sources, please share.

  • just so u all know these guns cost the ffl dealers 2200,so we are gonna sell and make 300,are u out of your minds? all guns are supposed to be marked up 45%,but all u arm chair warriors that never had the balls to go into business would not have a clue about any of it,so just sit there and tell the world what your stupid ass thinks something is worth,personally u should have another drink and run the world,idiots!!!! u should get some balls and run a business,then maybe you’ll grow up and see the light,but with your iq i don’t think so! sincerely someone that thinksu are all idiots!

  • jason

    Arm chair warrior, I have a CAR and a NAM with a V. Also I can spell, and run a business in a recession. I will have another drink.


  • Hog

    My wife and I own a gunshop owner and I work a full-time job. I hope everyone doesn’t believe what has been previously written. I have been in business for 18 years and I can’t remember ever making 45% on a new gun sale. I, personally, don’t think my customer base are idiots. I think they are individuals just as hard hit as I am in this economy.

    Thank you to all the individuals that have walked through my door and thank you even more for returning for additional purchases.

    Marty and Sarah Kurtz
    Open Season Sporting Goods Company
    Eau Claire, Michigan 491111

  • Louis

    I own a SCAR 16S and love it. It did cost. I payed $4,300.00 at my dealer and All I can say is WOW. It handles better than any other rifle I have ever fired. I have a collection of videos on youtube, were you can see me talking about the rifle and were I have been working on testing it against my Sig 556. Just type is “Sig 556 vs FN SCAR”, on you tube. The first video I have of it being fired is #11

  • Andrew Althouse

    Well I was just interested in getting a SCAR because as of yet the army hasn’t decided to release them for regular infantry usage and I am stuck with my M4 which was probably made back in the 90s. So I was just wondering where I could get one because I heard it was better than the M4/M16 series rifle. Having had a ’16 (Fobbit blaster) in basic and a ‘4 while deployed to Iraq during OIF (’06-’08) and OIF (’09-’10), I have tried both out and they leave much desired. So please just let me know where I could get one I would be very honored.

    Spc. Althouse, Andrew, USA

  • Bobby

    Why does everybody think Obama wants to take away guns?

    He is pro-gun. He is an NRA member, and voted against the AWBs in the 90’s.

    Look it up. During Obama’s presidency, we won’t be getting another AWB.

    Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if guns got easier to get.


  • jason

    You must be smoking crack! Obama was not even in the US Senate in the 90’s. Also what does your post have to do with the FN SCAR? However if you are being sarcastic, your post is funny as hell.


    Spoke to FN this morning about the Scar 17 .308. They state January 2010 to June 2010 for availability. Probably just like Heckler & Koch MR556 and MR762. All awesome guns and highly collectible.Especially in five to ten years. Better than the stock market or buying land. Pre-order and wait. You cannot loose.


    Just got my SCAR 16 last week ( $ 3400 ) I’m VERY happy..IF $$$ were the biggest issue I’d get an SKS…I want the BEST and most reliable gun I can afford…If I need to save $$$ It will be on my wifes Christmas gift. I’ve got an AR -15 GOV. model…The AR 15/ M16 System was unreliable in 1970 when I carried one on long range recon in Vietnam and it’s STILL unreliable today. LISTEN UP GUYS…save up your $$$ and buy a SCAR, even if you have to wait till next year to get it, you’ll be glad you did. Jungle Joel…..OUT

  • wil

    a scar 16s can be purchased for $2800. new in pocatello, Id at the indoor gun range store off of main st., forgot name? some of you paid too much! I am waiting for the 17 so I can go deer and elk hunting with the 308. woo hoo…

  • Josh

    I have not seen or heard of a civilian version of the scar-l being available for civilians. Can someone point me in the right direction if there is a version for civilians out there??

    • Jungle Joel

      The SCAR-16s is a great piston driven .556 , But try the HK MR556, I got mine about a year ago from Evan at On Point Firearms, and If I had to choose only one of my Rifles to keep , I think it would be th MR 556 or maybe the AUG. Jungle Joel…OUT !

  • KAP

    Yes…the FNH SCAR 17S is the best 7.62mm NATO in my collection, howeveer, you can’t buy any additional magazines for it…anywhere, on the net, or in gun-stores. The only people producing them are FNH and they say sometime in June or July 2013, maybe!