.38 Aluminum Ruger SP100 Rumor

Guns Holsters and Gear has the gun gossip:

“I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but if somebody was taking bets, I would bet that in the year 2009, Ruger might come out with one of those [the SP101] in .38 Special, +P rated in an aluminum frame…”

If they do release it then they will probably aim to do so at SHOT Show 2009 in January.

Ruger SP101 in .327 Federal Magnum

Steve Johnson

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  • Danny

    Drat! Do I buy the SP101 in the gunshop now, or do I wait for the new one in 2009?

  • Danny;

    Thats simple; Both. Get one now and the new on then.. Then you can compare. 🙂

  • JamesPMullin

    What shooters need is a Ruger Redhawk or SuperRedhawk 4″ or 5″ barrelled 8 shot 357 magnum.Taurus and Smith and Wesson do it,why not Ruger.It would be an excellent military or police revolver,especially if blackened stainless.It would be great if it came with 2 speedloaders included.Other uses,personal/home defense and the mythical bear defense gun.Loaded with 8 Doubletap 200 gr HCGC bullets it will stop most anything.Another gun that would probably sell would be a 500 SPECIAL.Big enough for most threats,not the same as a 500 Magnum,but Tyrannosaurs are rare these days.