Iraqi Military using S&W M&P9 Pistol

S&W have just released a press release saying that they are supplying 7500 M&P9 pistols to the Iraq Military and security forces. I don’t know how long they have been using the pistol. I was not aware they had adopted the M&P9 before reading the press release.

Nichols, added, “In addition to the M&P9s currently used in Iraq, Smith & Wesson firearms have also been used in active duty for the last two years with several security forces in Afghanistan including the Afghanistan National Army and Border Patrol as well as the Afghanistan National Police. To date, over 80,000 Smith & Wesson firearms are currently being used in these two countries. Reports from the field continue to indicate that the firearms are exceeding all expectations in the areas of reliability and durability. We are honored to continue delivering firearms that support men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and we remain committed to supplying high-quality small arms to the military and federal government.”

Smith & Wesson M&P9

Full press release here.

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  • Mike

    Didn’t alot of LE agencies here in the U.S. get rid of these recently because they tend to catastrophically fail? I know the L.A. Sheriffs did…

  • anon

    The M&P has been making huge inroads in the law enforcement market. The WA State Patrol and Corrections just switched to them from HK.

  • snmp

    just an US Military aid with Made in USA weapon & US Firm