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  • nick

    when were these made? they look to old to be documents still in use, and i somehow doubt that this is very practical, as a sniper would have to anticipate that his target(s) would be under a particular tree, set up that switch/target, and battery and mines, as well as hide them in a way in which none of the components are visible, then wait for his targets to arrive. i doubt many Russian snipers would have the ability to set all of that up with just the instructions pictured there.

  • I am not sure of the date or if they are Russian or Soviet.

  • jdun

    I’m sure it from the old Soviet days.

    This is a manual for infantry/sniper. They are tough how to use these tactics in training. They know how to do it by heart instead of reading the book as they go about.

    Basically it is an ambushed tactic that is is also use by US snipers. The different other the the equipments is that I believe that the Soviet/Russia do not have a dedicated scout sniper program. In other worlds there sniper force is more like our designated marksman but with better tactical training.

  • Sam Suggs

    who the hell drew this i mean without an exsplnation it looks like somthing those drawing robots from the 80’s