R15 will be avalible with thumbhole stock. Remington hedging against elections?

Next year (2009) the Remington R15 will be available with a thumbhole stock made by Bell & Carlson.

Picture 7-15

Is Remington hedging their bets against an unfavorable election result?

If they are it is a clever strategic move. The R15 has very little “evil”. With the new stock it has no free standing pistol grip, a 5 round magazine, an unthreaded barrel with no flash hider or muzzle break and is camo colored.

Steve Johnson

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  • JR

    It will still be banned if an AWB such as H.R. 1022 is passed.

  • jdun

    It’s for the People Republic of Kalifornia and other none free states in the Union.

  • Maxpwr

    They aren’t going to let you keep it because it has a thumbhole stock. All AR-15 are going to be banned, regardless of buttstock configuration. They’ve already made that clear.

    The only thing, maybe, left for semi-auto rifles might be .22s and the Browning BAR hunting rifle and Remington 7400/750 hunting rifle. Straight stocks, low capacity magazines, etc. Then they’ll ban those after someone gets shot with one and blame it as a loophole.

    We’re screwed.

  • JR

    On the bright side, Bass Pro Shops will sell it!

  • jdun1911

    I hope all of you going to vote for McCain. Go and vote on election day.

  • John

    Please vote for Obama. He is the only chance we have to save our amazing nation from the ultra conservative, gun loving, bible bashing, racist hicks.
    peace bro.

  • Jacob


    Do you realize where your posting this? I hope its sarcasm.

  • Jacob, I think he was being sarcastic. I don’t tolerate trolling, especially “anti-gunners”.

  • chris

    I hope he was being sarcastic but were all fucked theres people that are fifty and never in there whole life going to vote for that diverse sob and thats a polite way to put it

  • Brian

    I have learned to never take negatives as sarcasm if I do not know the person. Have kinda dumb question concerning Remington r-15. Does anyone know if it’s safe to fire 556 NATO in this chamber. I am old gunner but first time user of an AR. I carried a browning the first part of Nam, mostly blew stuff up fun and games back then. Thanks Brian from Oregon country.

  • Brian, I am sure it is, but you should double check with Remington first. 5.56x45mm NATO loaded to a higher pressure than .223 Rem.

  • Scott

    I absolutely detest the fact that any of the gun manufacturers would bend to the demand of the anti-gun zealots. If a state elects that they would rather not have firearms, by all means let them do so. If they’d rather not look at the fact that the states with the least-oppressive gun laws concurrently have the lowest crime rates per capita, then let the outlaws have the outlawed guns.

    The only rights that can be taken from us are the ones we give away…