New Remington 870 Express Tactical

In 2009 Remington will launch the new 12 gauge Model 870 Express Tactical pump action shotgun.

Picture 8-20

The shotgun will be available in two models. The ghost ring model will include a weaver rail mounted rear XS Ghost Sight and XS Blade foresight. The standard model has a front bead sight and no rail.

Both models have a 2 round magazine extension (7+1 magazine capacity), black synthetic stocks, 18.5″ barrel, forward sling swivel and Tactical Extended Remington Choke.

Picture 9-20
Tactical Extended Rem Choke

As you can see above the tactical choke includes a muzzle break, which should decrease recoil, and breach teeth.

Picture 11

The shotgun will be marketed to both law enforcement and to civilians as a home defense shotgun.

Steve Johnson

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  • SoloTwo

    And I found my next shotgun. Perfect!

  • Nice piece. Except for the uneccesary extended choke/breacher.

  • greyhorse

    When are they going to be available for sale. Looks like I may want one of these … All purpose buckshot for deer, turkey and defense gun. I like the rail on the rear to mount a small scope to.

    Needs a rail on the forearm for a flashlight.

    The funny crenelated choke makes little sense though, probably scare a Democrat right off the planet.

  • greyhorse, the breach teeth are used when breaching doors. Not really useful for civilians, other than scaring dems as you so rightly pointed out, but useful for law enforcement.

  • greyhorse

    Thanks Steve, I kind of figured that was what they were for, scaring Democrats. I just wouldn’t want to punch a barrel into something hard, but that is just me. Never breached a door, so if it works fine. I assume since it is “part of the choke system” it can be removed and a standard choke installed.

    I still like the concept of a short gun in the thick swamp where I hunt. Long guns just too much trouble to maneuver and always seem to hang on something unexpected.

    Looks like a good home defense gun as well. Can’t beat an 870, I was just planning to shorten up mine with a new barrel, but now, why not get another gun.

  • Chris

    If you want a flashlight on the front of it: Surefire has the answer. I bought a “Model M69 mount: wrap-around rail-mount” This replaces the original forestock handle into a 3-rail rail system. You can mount a finger operated flashlight and two handguards onto it. I have mine set up this way and it works beautifully. I also added something called a “Side Saddle” made by TacStar, to the receiver (opposite the ejection port). This carries six additional shells. It’s a bit heavy, but my shotgun is the flagship of the homestead defense department, and as such, I’m happy it’s hauling around 13 shells.

    All this is for the 870 Express tactical that was available in 07/08. I would hope that the new tactical will be compatible with the parts i mentioned.

  • I have built my own 870 tactical shotgun years ago and spent more money than you probably can get one of these for. Any one thinking of putting an optic sight on these should look at putting a cheek pad such as the Accu-Riser cheek pads made by The Leatherman leather products. They have several models of rubber and nylon molded cheek rest that look and work great on shotguns and tactical stocks.

  • M.A. Martinez

    A very nice civilian defense weapon. I thought one simply fired slugs into the locking mechanisms in a door frame, though, rather than try to shove a barrel into a door! Well, whatever works, I guess… I prefer a pistol-grip stock if I were to be swinging that around a lot, though. I’d think it would come like that out of the box, but then again how would they sell any “tweak candy” if they gave us everything up front?

  • Bagdadjoe

    Hmmm, doesn’t scare this Dem at all. Why is it that way too many of you guys think that Republicans have a lock on gun ownership or being pro-gun? Remember, had a lot of Dems not voted for Dub in 2000, we would have had (shudder) Al to contend with the last 8 years. By the way, I voted for Obama (anybody but Hillary!) in the primary. Naturally, I voted for my vet bro, John in the general election and my state went with McCain. Maybe you guys ought to be friendly with as many Dems as possible and get them to vote for a pro-gun candidate next time. If we have a next time.
    I just bought my 2nd 870 at a (gasp) gunshow over the weekend….time to ditch the 25″ barrel and get some goodies on it…don’t think that will include a breacher….they’re scary.

  • Jim

    I’ve got a question about the forward sling mount, I found the Tactical 870 for a great price at Big 5 Sporting Goods which didn’t come with the sling swivel. This weekend I was in a Academy Sporting Goods in Texas and the sling swivel was on the gun, I have searched different websites and can’t find this sling swivel. Need some assistance. Thanks

  • Snapfire

    Jim, the sling swivel is a piece included with the magazine extension kits.

  • Hellfish

    Any news on when these things are going on sale?

  • marine2541

    Load it up with #4 buck. This is a load preferred by many police departments. I saw a demonstration on one of the Wednesday evening gun shows. It seems a shotgun has less penetration through walls and beyond than all other options, i.e. handguns and a carbine. Seeing this, I took my M-1 carbine to a local gunsmith and put it up for consignment. A model 870 express tactical with Ghost Ring Sights seems to be all the gun I need for home defense or any hunting I might do in the future. The choke seems beneficial to me. It saves porting the barrel to reduce recoil and muzzle jump. Also, couldn’t other chokes be inserted if desired? I wonder if I can get it in the wood stock however. Wood is preferable over the synthetic to me because of looks and convenience if any adjustments need to done to the stock. I have a 15 1/4 length of pull.
    Number 7 1/2 shot was also suggested for home defense, penetration considerations again. I dislike the pistol grip because shotguns don’t pattern more then six inches in an enclosed space such as a house, even less in mine because my house is small. Off-hip shooting is definitely Hollywood. Anyway, I’m anxious to make one my own.

  • streamit

    i need to know if it will be available in left hand

  • Andy

    Just picked one up at Cabela’s for $399, nice gun. It was the standard model, no rail but it is drilled and tapped, they give a part # and 800 # to order the rail, not sure of the price.

  • Jay

    I just got mine from Tanners here in Pa. I shot it five times and it shoots great. Can anyone help me out with what a good type of mounted light to put on it? If you don’t have one shame on you! HaHa

  • Don Flies

    could you get me the number of the sight rail and the phone number? got mine the other day but the guys didn’t know the number at cabela’s

  • rodney

    lasermax makes a light mount that affixes right on the extension tube. there are others also that mount the same way, its the best way to go.

  • Gigan

    I just picked mine up at Big 5 Sporting Goods. On sale till the 21st of Feb. for $339.00. I think its a terrific price.

  • Steve

    Picked one up at for 350.00 with the factory mag ext. It holds 6+1 out of the factory.

    Put about 20rds through it so far. Fires smooth and group is pretty tight at 25yrds with buckshot.

  • We just got 5 in at

    Mary Kay

  • Dustin

    I just bought a 870 tactical. It came with the rail to go on the reciever and the ghost ring sight to go onto the reciever, but it has a bead sight on the end of the barrel. Is this the correct sight combination? I put the rail and sight on and put the lock tite included on the threads before I noticed that some models have the blade sight.

  • Ken

    This is strange. I thought I just found my Tactical ghost ring model, since it had the front blade sight and tapped holes for the ghost ring sight rail (although the rear sight rail was not installed). The guy behind the counter said it didn’t come with a sight rail, which seemed odd (the tag on the gun also had “GR” next to the 870 numbers). I asked him to check the box and there wasn’t one, although I’m not sure he had the right box to begin with. He was clearly annoyed with me, so I didn’t pursue it any further. But it sounds like the one on display should have been the one in Dustin’s box.

    I’ve been wanting one since I saw them, and I may get it anyway if the sight rail can be ordered at a reasonable price, but I don’t see them on XS’ site. Does anyone know if the part number would include everyhing needed (ghost ring sight, rail & screws)?

  • Jon

    Is it safe to fire slugs through the Tactical Extended Rem Choke? Are there any type of shells that would be unsafe?

  • Mike

    The extended choke tube on the barrel has absolutely NOTHING to do with breaching doors as was previously said. The teeth on it are used as a impact device to stun an adversary without shooting them. You would NEVER jam your shotguns barrel into a door. I am a former police officer and many of the shotguns in our cruisers were equipped with very similar looking devices on the ends of the barrels.

    Ken, the model with the ghost ring sight should have the numbers 81198 on the end of the box as that’s Remingtons order number for that model.

    Jon, it’s safe to fire slugs through the extended tube. It is cylinder bored having no constriction to it. You can safely fire any 2-3/4″ or 3″ shell through that shotgun without harm.

    • Mike

      It’s very discouraging that you’re a LEO and don’t understand what your equipment is for.

  • chachee

    which is better this or the mossberg 590a1 18.5 tactical? thanks

  • Bob

    WRONG! All of you.
    The breacher is not for doors, OR for stunning an adversary. It is for breaking glass. They work quite well.

    • Mike

      WRONG, Bob.

  • Steve Morse

    The Tactical choke on the 81198 model is closest to an Inproved Cylinder choke. This is confirmed by Remington Tech Support. I measeured mine and the constriction from one end to the other end of the choke is .013″ which falls close to an Improved Cylinder Choke which is typically .010″ constriction.


  • Rob

    Anyone know if you can purchase the weaver mounted xs sight by itself somewhere??

  • Don

    go to it is the company that made them for remington, it might be a wait because all their production is going to remington. but was told i could probably get one in a month.

  • Vidal

    I purchased mine last week. I then realized the the it only holds 6+1 even though above it says that it should be 7+1 with the magazine extension. The box says that it is included. Anyway, I went back to the store that sold it to me and they “have not heard of it.” They tested the other ones they had available in the store and they all were 6+1. Is the extension supposed to be already installed by the manufacturer? Are they all suppose to include it? The box say it has a magazine extension, but I can’t find the where it would say the amount it holds.
    I thank you guys I advance for your help.

  • Dean

    If the box says 7+1 you should contact Remington and find out what’s going on. Remington’s official website says “It packs a full 7 rounds of 2 3/4″ or 3″ 12-gauge firepower with the factory installed 2-shot extension.”

  • Dean

    I got an 870 Express Tactical with Ghost Rings but when I opened the box it didn’t have the rear mounted rail installed. The store rep said that Remington must have forgot to install it in the factory…. That’s some seriously bad QC – If they forgot something so obvious, I wonder what else could be left out.

  • Vidal

    Hey Dean,
    The box just said mag extension. It turns out that it is 6+1 with the extension as I called Remington and verified. The sight should be included inside the box with glue and instructions. It takes 5 minutes to install. I hope they included it in yours. By the way, I’m liking this weapon more and more every day.

  • Dean

    Unfortunately, the Ghost Ring rail sight was not included in my box. I got the firearm in the mail and the store rep told me to send it back and they’ll give me a whole new gun and refund the shipping cost. I don’t think the rep knows that the rail is supposed to be uninstalled and in the box. I’m going to ask if they could just send me the missing part in the mail rather than having to ship this back to them.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the shotgun.

  • Dean

    Well I contacted Remington directly by phone on two occasions; both times the representatives confidently stated that the rear rail is pre-installed at the factory and not separately placed in the box for installation… I don’t know what to say about this – Either the support reps have no clue about the contents of what they are selling OR the Remington factory has some SERIOUS Quality-control issues if something so noticeable slipped by them. I shudder to think what other things could be missing internally…

  • Vidal

    I assure you that my sight came inside the box in a plastic cylinder including the rail, screws, and glue. I’m beginning to wonder if the info. Remington gave me about the 6+1 after the extension is correct. How many shells can you fit in yours?
    Anyway, my email is vidal1313 [ at] hotmail d ot com. If you want send me an e-mail and I’ll send you pictures of the installation instructions so that you can prove to Remington they are wrong.
    Good Luck,

  • Timai

    When I purchased my 870, I had to assemble the rail and sight, which is Ok. I had it sighted in that same day. The action is very smooth.
    But, I’m on two blood thinners because of a heart attack a year ago, and the recoil has an ‘interesting’ affect on my shoulder. I intend to use this a lot up here in the Northern forest. Has anyone ever had one of these Magna-ported? If so, how is it? The other alternative, does anyone make a screw in muzzle break to replace the breacher?

  • Sonny

    I’ve got an 870(81198) on the way..maybe in a couple of days. Got a few boxes of 00’s, 2’s,4’s, and 4 buck so I’ll have some fun when it comes in. Probably will get a tactical sling and some attached shell holders for it, maybe a HWP for aiming. I personally like the idea of the breach teeth on the choke. Sometimes while out hunting, I lose my house keys…….can help me punch through my door so I can get in. I also think that the sound it makes while loading a round is quite intimidating….I love it!

  • jeff stevens

    Does anybody know if the model 870 autoloader comes with a pistol grip and available to place a pressure pad for a surefire light……just curious


  • TruckStop

    This is my first shotgun and I just picked mine up yesterday!!!

    I’ve got a question in response to chris’ post from Nov. 7, 2008.

    “I also added something called a “Side Saddle” made by TacStar, to the receiver (opposite the ejection port). This carries six additional shells.”

    i wanted to ask, to chris or anyone who added the tacstar six shot saddle, did you have to modify or cut the factory forend to get the saddle to fit?

    from my understanding, as long as the forend is not covering any part of the receiver (which the factory forend doesnt?) the saddle should fit on without having to cut the forend? is this correct?

    any help would be appreciated. thanks

  • Chris

    The tacstar side saddle fits this gun like a glove, no modification necessary. The fore end does not overlap the receiver.

  • Mark

    On the 7 shot issue…. I called Remington customer service… The Rep told me the Express Tactical is a 6+1 (not 7+1) gun and it was a clerical misunderstanding when the literature was created… I can stuff 6- 3″ shells and 6 1/2 -2 3/4″ shells in mine, so it looks like that’s the explanation….

  • ChrisC

    The TacStar side saddle was so easy to install; you insert the mounting bolts at the same time you are backing out the trigger pins (on the 870)I was surprised at how clean and easy the installation was.

  • Scott

    Hey Mike…

    Don’t know which PD you are formerly from, but the breach choke IS used to breach a door, etc. Not break glass, scare a dem, or adversary!

    Place against lock, hinge, and go boom!

    That is what they are for!


  • Brian

    The breaching choke is used to blow a lock out of the door. It’s used with a compressed powder shot… The teeth are so it doesn’t slip off the lock, and the holes vent the gasses so ur barrel doesn’t bulge. It can also be used as a “compliance device”…

  • Brian

    This might be a really stupid question, so please humor me. I am very seriously considering this shotgun for my home defence weapon, but I cannot seem to fine two answers:

    1) Can barrel be interchanged? Say, if I wanted to go duck hunting. Could I just buy a compatable extended barrel and swap it out for the hunt?

    2) Can the 2 round factory magazine extention either be removed temporarily or interchanged with a standard 5 + 1 magazine? Same senario as above. Just wondering if I can cheaply convert this to an occasional hunting shotgun, or I would have to buy another one.



  • Erik


    1) the barrel can be changed in under 5 minutes. You can probably get a used barrel for $100

    2) the extension comes off, you will need a cap for the tube, maybe a shorter spring, and a plug if you are hunting birds to limit the tube to 2 rounds

  • Charles

    Has someone so far customized his Remington 870 Express Tactical? Please provide us with what you have done to your gun, the accessories added, and which brands you used?

    I am thinking about adding stuff, esp. the fore-end picatinny rail, like someone mentioned in the foregoing, the Surefire M69 mount. So after you put on the M69, which or what type of lights do you use? Surefire also supplies an integrated fore-end with light, anyone has any experience?

    I would also like to know the optics or scope if any, that is best for this shotgun.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Edward

    As a Marine Gulf War Vet and Law Enforcement Officer, I can appreciate the need of a reliable weapons system and after careful consideration, I elected to add the Stealth Tactical Optics System by BSA. The system provided me a Red Dot Scope with removeable Laser and Flashlight attachments that can be worked with the optional remote switches. I have not had any problems with recoil concerns and the cost was ok at $119.00. Granted, the system is no EOTech and frankly, I was not about to pay more for the optics than what the weapon cost me. I also replaced the stock with a collapsable one that included a five shotshell saddle. My sling choice is a single point system that hooks to a universal loop attached to the stock. Recoil is minimal with the use of rifled slugs. This setup suits me fine for home defense and the occassional off-duty gigs guarding cargo ships at our port. Only problem I am currently dealing with is the Grey finish that suddenly started to bubble up and peel. No, the weapon did not go for a swim. This defect occurred within the first week after purchase. The Manufacturer was quick to take care of this minor cosmetic issue and sent me the mailing packet to allow me to send the weapon to them for corrective action.

  • Brad

    I recently bought mine, and i love it. its a sweet gun. I now have a b square mount, sight mark red dot, and a wrap around the butt for 5 more rounds. the red dot is not bad, especially considering most reputable brands offer lifetime warrenties

  • Mr. Smith

    I have an older 870tac. I have a streamlight strion rechargeable weapon light, Hogue rubberized stock and forend and a spec-0ps tactical shell holder. I’ve never had any problems with my 870. I buy all of my weapons with durability in mind, and i have to say… the 870 hasn’t let me down yet. Speaking of durability, I just go a GP100 with the Hogue grips and I ordered a ghost ring blade rear sight for it. It’s absolutely rock solid. Anyone ever had a bad experience with a GP??? And can we post pics??

  • Viggen

    Breaching chokes and barrels ARE for breaching door locks, hinges, etc. They are ported for safety and MUST also be used with special breaching rounds when used in that fashion. Of course, they can also be used passively or actively as personnel stand-off devices as they are intimidating on sight and should induce the intended “on 2nd thought..” response on any party they are thrust into.

    Can they be used to break glass? Sure, but I think the previous poster may be thinking of “The GAT-Glass Assault Tool”, from XS who also supplies the sight system.

    Additional information on breaching barrels, chokes and M-1030 breaching rounds


    Let me know if you are still looking for a “duck hunting barrel” for your 870 – I have at one (it’s 26″ or 28″, I’d have to check) with a full choke, available for $90 + shipping. It’s virtually brand new as it came with my 870 along with a rifled slug barrel and all ever used the gun for is Deer hunting.

    jkluge [at] cox [dot] net

  • ryan

    in responce to


    This is my first shotgun and I just picked mine up yesterday!!!

    “I also added something called a “Side Saddle” made by TacStar, to the receiver (opposite the ejection port). This carries six additional shells.”

    i wanted to ask, to chris or anyone who added the tacstar six shot saddle, did you have to modify or cut the factory forend to get the saddle to fit?

    if you have the older/classic style forend they overlap on the receiver and need to be cut but the tactical ones are already shortened for what i assume to be that purpose

  • hale

    I was looking at this gun for my first shotgun. it seems like a really nice gun and seems perfect for defense and hunting. but how is the maitnance and upkeep on this gun?

  • Second Rate


    I don’t understand your comment “The funny crenelated choke makes little sense though, probably scare a Democrat right off the planet.”

    As a democrat, I have to confess, I love shot guns and I know many others who are of similar political orientation that love firearms as well. Don’t be so closed minded. Political orientation doesn’t necessarily define who I am or what I believe in. I personally have two rifles a shotgun and a great compound bow.

    Second Rate

  • Fritz

    I have the 870, not modified, but planning to add a strap, light, and side saddle. I like this gun a lot, but I would get a dedicated hunting shotgun instead of changing out the barrel. I know it is easy to change out the barrel, but the cost of a second barrel is not that much more than a dedicated unmodified long barrel 870. I think you could find a much more comfortable shotgun for hunting, but for home defense, I don’t think you can beat the 870.

  • I will be purchasing the Model 870™ Express® Tactical within the next few weeks, primarily for home defense. I am doing my due diligence now.

    I plan on adding a sling (any suggestions) and the Tacstar SideSaddle.

    I would appreciate any thoughts or caveats, and also any additional add-ons I might investigate.

    Thanks . . .

  • Mike

    Saw one at Dick’s. Gonna buy it. I like the choke. I like to keep my shotguns (and rifles) standing on end – the end of the barrel that is. If nothing else, those teeth will keep it from slipping and falling.

  • mecusa3

    I bought this choke but it didn’t fit my remington 12 guage 870 Express. Does anyone know why?

  • Well, I purchased the Model 870™ Express Tactical Grey 12 guage and took it for a test ride. I love it.

    I encountered a problem on cleaning it though.

    Broke it down and assembled, no problem … except!

    The magazine extension swivel assembly screw does not go through the magazine extension swivel assembly to the screw hole on the non-“X” side.

    The screw is being offset by the magazine tube extension assembly so that it does not match up with the screw hole on the non-“X” side of the swivel assembly.

    I tried everything to screw that little sucker in — to no avail.

    I then purchased a 12 X 24 machine screw (bolt) and had it cut to so that I could screw it through both sides of the swivel assembly, thinking I could insert the screw then slide the swivel assembly over the barrel and extension.

    No go.

    The screw hits up against the extension and the assembly won’t slide on.

    I spent four hours struggling with this and finally gave up and put my weapon in the safe without the swivel assembly.

    Does anyone know what the trick is to get the swivel assembly on my brand new gun without destroying its finish?

    And I’m pretty good at this stuff.

  • Mark123

    My 870 Express has a powder coat finish…. 1st time out the finish is pealing off near the insertion port…. not happy

  • MAC

    Funny how people who don’t know what they are talking about love to spread misinformation. fortunately VIGGEN got it right- the breaching tube IS for breaching doors, locks, hinges, etc., and IS used by law enforcement Special Operations teams and the military. The crenulated design helps the breacher get a “grip” on whatever object needs to be breached, and helps keep steady above locks on doors and door knobs. It’s not for pushing the barrel through a door, like some have mentioned. Thanks VIGGEN.

    • actually it is to keep debris from coming back on the operator- if you had ever fired a DB shell you would understand this. You don’t use your everyday buckshot for door breach {{rolls eyes}}

      • Luke

        You’re both right. The teeth on the choke is to grip the door, the widened tube is to prevent ricochets from hitting the shooter, and the holes in the choke are to disperse the gasses after the shot leaves the barrel, again, keeping debris to a minimum.

  • SinCityJoe

    I don’t care what anybody says I think the breaching tube looks bad ass!!! It makes for a mean looking gun. I was going to buy the grey powder coated 870 but I’m not now. Gonna get the black one. Thanks Mark123

  • You can see a very detailed review of this shotgun at this link:

  • ash

    Too bad the finish on 870s is so bad these days. The new Wing Masters have a crappy finish compared to how Wing Masters used to be made. Anything with “Express” in the name has a VERY poorly applied powder finish that nobody is happy with. I would even bet their Marine Magnum’s coating doesn’t have the same one it used to have back in the day.

    All the new 870s have very poor finishes, shame on Remington. It’s practically a scam these days, most of the 870s have finishes no better than cheap spray paint. If you want a GOOD 870, it seems you have to seek out an out of production Police Magnum or something.

    Mossberg’s shotguns all have an extremely tough parkerized finish that is known for great durability and strength…I have no idea why Remington is dropping the ball on their new 870s these days. I’ve seen tons of people both online and in real life who have had to have their 870s (both the new Wing Masters and anything from the “Express” line) refinished professionally just to get a good looking shotgun with a good finish. The Wing Master bluing rubs off easily and the Express “powder coat” flakes off like cheap paint.

    Just a word of warning to anyone considering buying Remington shotguns these days…their quality has drastically gone downhill in various aspects. Before anyone accused me of being Mossberg biased…I’m not, I always liked Remington shotguns and grew up with them, but after looking to buy my own and I see nothing but disappointment with their new 870s. I will go with Mossberg because I know they don’t skimp on build quality like Remington is lately. Remington USED to be a very good name in shotguns. Spend a little more and get a Mossberg 590A1, at least you know the finish is tough and the reliability is excellent.

  • Blue


    There is a groove cut into the magazine extension tube about two inches from the end. The swivel screw must line up with this groove in order to screw it into the threaded side of the swivel mount.

  • I own a Remington 870 Express Tactical Gray. Purchased 5/2010.

    I was under the impression (from the manufacturer) the magazine held 6 shells.

  • Remington fit and finish is nothing like it was 15 years ago. Quality control is one of the worst or USA gun companies. Remington is all i owned for many many tears but when quality started to go down and i started having trouble with my weapons i started looking else were. Now i own only one Remington with no more to follow. It is a shame that a company that had such a reputation has sunk so low, when they use to be on top. Management is the big problem, all they see is $$$ so corners are cut, people laid off and materials are not what they use to be. There is no more pride in being American made.

  • RPK

    I have a Remington 870 Express .12 Gauge shotgun which I purchased in 88′ or early 89′. I have recently added the Remington extended tactical choke. Yes, for what it does, it was an expensive add-on at about $32.00. The question being, will this choke function with regular shotgun rounds as say, against migratory game birds or other critters? I think it compliments the tactical appearance I have chosen for my shotgun using BlackHawk products, and it keeps the original wood furniture protected for when (or if), I ever decide to sell or trade this shotgun for something different. Contructive feedback is welcome. Thank you. Submitted @ 2330, 10/07/2012.

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  • It’s sad that a great company like Remington would let the company and products go down hill. I use to own some newer Remington rifles but had so much trouble with them that i took a loss and sold them. One 308 would not shoot under 1 1/2″ at 100 yards no matter what i was shooting had the action bedded and nothing. I was a big Remington fan until about a year ago, then switched to Savage and have not looked back.

  • zachgrady57

    is the muzzle brake detachable

  • Devo

    Pure garbage. Worst scattergun I’ve ever laid hands on

  • anderson peixoto

    hello I’m from Brazil and would like to know about REMINGTON TACTICAL EXTENDED PORTED CHOKE TUBE, 12G have a pistol grip 12 ga cbc and liked, PORTED CHOKE TUBE and would like if possible that you send me the measurements of a piece so that I can prepare here in Brazil. I await contact.

    Thank you.

    you guys make delivery of this piece in Brazil? zip code 04426000