Pixels for Pistols

CNET reports that Toronto police have launched a digital cameras for firearms program.

A handgun or assault rifle is worth a $400 Nikon Coolpix S52 and a shotgun nets a $250 Nikon Coolpix P60. The deal includes free photography lessons.

… we all know how effective these programs are.

Steve Johnson

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  • they work AWESOME! Cause when some coked out dude is breaking into my house, I’m reaching for my AWESOME CAMERA, and not my saiga 223, right?

    wait, wat?

    also: how many people actually on “assault rifles”? My saiga is only classified as a “semi automatic hunting rifle”, so who’s got the full auto uzi’s out there? Anyone?

  • Eddy Alvarez

    too bad i don’t have some junk rifle sitting around.. because if i did, I’d go to the shooting range with it anyways.

  • Jesse

    I often thought it’d be a good way to get guns cheap, go stand outside one of these and give them cash for their gun. Turn around sell the guns for their they are actually worth, you can probably make some profit that way.

  • Ben Dover

    Now the bad guys can stop shooting other bad guys and go make some illegal porn. I’m moving to Canada!

  • jdun

    In the US as well in most countries, the police is not responsible for protecting your safety. The police job is to maintain the general peace and enforce the law.You are responsible for your own safety. Hence, you can’t sue the police for failure to protect. Unfortunately most people don’t know this.

    Giving away a mean to protect yourself and your family in return for a camera is stupid.

  • I am surprised by the amount. I don’t know how much firearms cost in Canada but surely 50 year old single shot .22s and 12 gauges are cheap like they are everywhere else.

    1) Buy 1960 single shot for $50
    2) Exchange for $400 camera
    3) Sell camera on ebay
    4) Profit! (or buy new rifle)

  • LOL, Id totally go buy an old beater for $50 bucks and go get a new camera, LOL what idiots.

  • Tony Allen

    You cannot take the Toronto Police Dept as stupid. They are just trying to come up with a way to get weapons off the streets after a terrible incident on the weekend.
    Surprisingly, they have had success with this on that side of the 49th with these programs so lets let the police and media do what they do and let honest citizens purchase the fire power we need to do whatever it is that we do.
    Without venues like this they want to strip everybody in Canada, so although they will get no participation from responsible gun owners, I am sure there will be a impoverished mother or two turning in her sons Glock or sawed off under the pillow somewhere,even if the camera ends up in the pawn shop. And maybe,
    Just maybe one less kid shot in a school yard in Toronto is what I would say.

  • jdun1911

    I would never give up my gun even if the police offer more then what it is worth. What the police are doing is disarming those who need the protection the most.

    Let me stress again that police job is not to protect. Their job is to maintain the general peace and enforce the law. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family from harm. It is not the police job to do it for you.

  • Tony Allen

    No one on the TPD is asking anybody to “give” anything up. They want to trade for a camera is what I read. Now, if they wanted to “trade for $10 million and a redhead, I may trade my pistols and mares leg and some long rifles.
    I would also be astute enough to keep a little bit for those unforseen occasions where a man might need more than to spend a little money or get his nut off.
    I see it as an economic or political safety grab and nothing more. Is it a good thing, yes. Does it affect anything in a responsible gun owners life? Well, we know the answer to that one don’t we.

  • jdun

    It’s a gun grab plain and simple. The money is an easy way to do it. It hurt the poor and the uneducated the most because they need the protection that the polices is unable to give.

    It’s a gun grab.

  • jdun1911

    After reading my response, I don’t think I made it clear. Who is the police targeting? Criminals? Maybe but do you think criminals will hand over their guns for a few bucks? They are targeting the poor, uneducated, and weak law abiding citizens. They are the ones that are going to turn their own firearms in. Buying the idea that the police is their to protect them. That is far from the truth as I stated from my previous posts.

    It’s a gun grab for those who don’t know any better.

  • Tony Allen

    I don’t know many poor people but if they can afford this hobby, they ain’t poor or they are takin down Wells Fargo trucks.
    Gun grab?
    I just don’t see the correlation between the poor, the grab, and common sense.
    And if your uneducated and using a firearm you better get educated around it before you blow a finger, toe or eyeball out!
    Or worse yet another human beings.
    Let democracy work and democracy will keep the jackboots away from all our doors.

  • Tony Allen

    Your tellin me they are goin to gun grab. Who’s gun is gettin grabbed? This is free trade. You get goods for goods.
    No one is kickin down the door and grabbin anything. It is a request in a civil manner.

  • Clare Ravenwood

    Before any certificate for a camera etc is issued, the weapon first needed to be taken by police. People were not to take them to the police station. It was then decided by police how “valuable” the weapon was to the police before a certificate was issued.

    If it was a high power deer rifle I suppose you would get the lower value camera certificate. If you surrended a .177 cal air pistol, an operational .22 calibre bolt action rifle with scope and 25 rounds of .38 S&W pistol ammunition like my husband did, all you would receive was a certificate for 2 photography lessons just like he did.

    Needless to say he wasn’t exactly pleased with the arrangement so as for trading in junk guns and making a profit on the sale, I’m afraid that wouldn’t have gotten you anything except photography lessons.

    To claim the certificate, he would have to drive all the way across the city, show 2 pieces of photo ID and the certificate would be issued in his name and could only be used by him. Needless to say he isn’t going to bother.