Wilcox rail system with embedded circuts

Wilco exhibited their embedded circuit rail system for the HK45 and HK 416 at ASAS. The fore grip can then be used to control all the accessories without wires. Very clever. SMGLee took some photos:



Steve Johnson

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  • jdun

    I wonder how durable the system will be. What kind of protection other then the rail cover to protect the circuit? Hopefully, the accessories won’t be proprietary.

  • It can only be proprietary until release. Then anybody can copy the system and/or make adapters.

    Let’s see how that *sliding* contact setup does in fine sand.

  • Dave

    What happens if it gets wet?

    • Dave ,good point!

  • Dear FB,
    The reason these developments are doomed to fail, even from the VERY talented Wilcox company, is they are focusing on electrifying the rail. is that open conductors will deteriorate or short with MIL-STD salt/dust/ice environments and the design has very little signal capability for advanced accessories. Stand by for a better idea from our direction…

  • abc123

    Can’t they use the same mechanism as electric toothbrushes? They use magnetic fields to wireless transfer of energy. Yes, they do not transfer electricity, but they do convert to magnetism, then convert back to electricity inside the receiving item.

    Sure, it takes up more space, but most electronics get smaller with time.

    • mkings01

      Wireless power is incredibly inefficient. You’d be lucky to get 10% of your power back.