GSG-5PK: .22 MP5K patterened pistol (and photos)

ATI have announced the GSG5-PK pistol.

The new GSG-5PK pistol is a .22 Long Rifle HV Caliber with a barrel length of 4.52″, total length of 15.275″ and a total height of 10″. It weighs in at a dainty 5.2 lbs. It has an alloy frame construction and features a magazine safety and click-adjustable target sight. At a MSRP of $549.95, the GSG-5PK pistol is the perfect partner to the original GSG-5 rifle model.

It is basically a GSG5-P (pistol) with a shortened barrel and MP5K style handguard. Some photos (click to expand):



Hat Tip: SayUncle

Steve Johnson

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  • steve Sandy

    I bought a pk 5 and it is a great firearms but I need the drop down handgaurd. My hands are a little bigger and don’t want my thumb down ringe with my shot. Do you know where I can get one. Want to leave the flash surpressor on and need a hand gaurd. Thank you for your time and help.

    • try they have foregrips,stocks,sights,ect. good luck

  • Chris

    I’m working on the same thing right now. ATI’s website lists a tactical hanguard for the PK (p/n 202233) and a handguard with rails (p/n 202269) but no pictures. If all else fails, I will buy a replacement foregrip and mount my own rails.

  • Tom

    The accessories on their site don’t fit the PK, but some people use the uppper-end Airsoft accessories. Don’t forget adding a front grip to a pistol makes it an AOW in the US and requires paperwork plus a $200 tax stamp. If you’re going to do that, might as well add a sidefolding stock and SBR it, for a budget PDW.

  • ODG

    I am going to purchase an NIB GSG-5PK today @ $460.00 out the door.
    Thats the best price I have found.

  • John

    What about just owning the grip and not installing it until I have the tax stamp. I would like to buy it before it all goes up in price or disapears or for that matter owning the folding stock and not installing that either because I plan to make an sbr out of it later on?

  • John

    Info for ODG, or for anyone else looking to by a GSG 5PK. Last time I looked SHOOTERSJAX.COM had them for $419, plus S/H, but like I said, that was the last time I went to that website. They might have sold out or gone up in price again. GOOD LUCK…………

    • has them for $353 +tax and shipping to your local ffl. if you happen to live in the lexington ky. area you can pick it up there and save the shipping. i just bought one at vinson’s sporting goods, my local gun shop in mt.sterling,ky. for $344 out the door. it pays to shop around a lot of places. good luck.

  • John

    Update for anyone looking to buy a GSG 5PK, I just went to that website and they are going for $409 plus S/H.

    • try $353 plus tax and shipping to your local ffl

  • John Baker

    I just ordered (today 8-4) a GSG-5PK for $409 at “Shooter Jax’s” and I was told I got the last one out of the display case. Can’t wait till it gets to my FFL dealer and then to me. Would love to have a front vertical grip however, don’t want to be a felon nor let them know I have one by getting a tax stamp. And keep in mind that when you change it to another type then it has to be sold that way in the future and they have to then get the tax stamp (if I’m not mistaken)

  • Michael Peck

    I once asked the BATFE about owning parts before I had the paperwork back from them. They replied that it was not advisable because it indicated “intent.” You are not supposed to be in possession of the parts that can be assembled to make an SBR, SBS, or AOW unless you are legal to do so.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just passing along information I received. I just try to be legal.

  • Adam

    How do I put a collapsible butt stock on my GSG-5 pistol and keep it legal? Don’t want to pay the $200 tax so can I lengthen the barrel?

  • Randy Schuster

    Having any part just in the house is bad. Awhile back I had a MAC full auto and someone came out with double thread coupling that would allaw one to screw on a 2 liter soda bottles. If you got a coupler and lets say! you had 12 empty bottles just waiting to be recycle, it didn’t matter the BATF would charge you with 12 felonies for 12 unlicensed silences