Afghan Forces get a whole lot of M16s

KABUL, Afghanistan: Afghan national security forces will receive a huge capability and mobility boost throughout the next year with more than 6,000 up-armored vehicles and more than 75,000 M-16 rifles from Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan.

“Accuracy will always be more important than lots of shots,” McPhail said. “They wanted a weapon that doesn’t waste shots. That’s the reason the Afghan government asked for the M-16.”

Do you want fries ammo with that?

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  • jdun

    They are getting the best rifle in the world.

  • TG13

    not when they are smoking pot and opium during breaks…

    watch all 8 parts of the report..

  • jdun1911

    It still the best rifle in the world regardless of who is using it.

    Anyway the ANA has come a long way. It will take years to build ANA into a well round military.

  • Jcamelo

    An M16 isn’t the worlds best rifle. An M4 is better: smaller, adjustable stock, lighter, etc etc.

    But an M4 isn’t even the best rifle in the world. Th best rifle has to be an MP40 even though they have been around since the thirties and there is no select fire on them they own up all these new AR15s and AK47s.

  • Matt Groom

    The MP-40? Seriously? It wasn’t even the best SMG of WWII. Maybe you’re thinking of something else Jcamelo.

    I’d take an M-16A2 over an M-4 for all engagements except MOUT. Longer barrel equals higher Muzzle Velocity which equates to higher Muzzle Energy. Longer range, longer sight radius, better sights (6/3? WTF is 6/3?) less muzzle blast, lower port pressure, lower cyclic rate, better reliablity.

    We didn’t have M-16A4’s until about 5 or 6 months before I got out, but nobody liked them (especially on the rifle range) for a number of reasons. They’re noticably heavier than the A2’s. The ACOG, however, is possibly the best piece of kit the USMC (and others I assume) has ever issued. I had to buy one for myself. The A4’s should have come with an adjustable stock, however.