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  • Caposkaw

    nice ! very nice!

  • dogon1013

    wouldn’t this technically be an SBS (Short Barrel Shotgun) not an SBR?
    I believe SBS’s only need a $5 transfer tax instead of $200 on for SBR’s…If you can find a licensed dealer to make one for you.

  • Thanks dogon1013, thats was a typo. I have fixed it.

  • I wonder if they make it in a 20 gauge. With that short of a barrel, I’d rather have less kick. And with that magazine, I can just keep firing.

  • _Jon, my understanding, and I don’t handload ammo so don’t quote me on this, but the shorter barrel will have a lot less kick that a full barrel. Unburnt powder will be shot out of the barrel, while in a full length barrel that power would be converted into gas which would cause more recoil. This is why you have pistol like sawn off shotguns.

    I don’t know about 20 guage but I know that the Saiga comes in .410.

  • Mikel

    Nice looking gun, but from what I’ve read, anything less than the 19″ barrel on the Saigas starts messing with the cycleing of the weapon. Something about not enough gas pressure to cycle the bolt relyably.
    YOu might want to check into that more before you start cutting your barrels down.

    Me, I’m going for the Bullpuped Saiga12 as soon as my kit gets here.


  • Todd

    Although this converted 12 looks nice, they forgot to install the trigger!

  • Todd

    There is no trigger!!

  • domingo

    does the gas system work the same on this? i just got one and wanted to cut it. i heard sometimes the gas port wont work.

  • domingo

    oh and according to ATF vocabulary. a SBS falls under an SBR on the ATF form. i know its weird but thats how they have it.

  • Curtis

    Hey, nice looking gun. I was wondering where you came up with the Galil handguard setup. I really like the look of it. Thanks for posting.