100 Skills everyman should know: no. 69 Shoot straight

The latest Popular Mechanics (October 2008, Volume 185 no. 10) list 100 Skills Every Man Should Know. I was pleased to see no. 69 was “Shoot Straight”. Of course it is damn near impossible not to shoot straight, what they meant was shoot

Pop Cvr-Reg-1

accurately 😉

Other skills included teaching a kid to fish, destroying a hard drive with a drill and changing diapers.

UPDATE: Oops, Ride Fast & Shoot Straight points out that it is number 54 on the list online … I am pretty sure it was 69 in the magazine.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    This is actually a pretty good list. I read one written by one of the more feminine mags once on Digg and it was a crap list. You know this one is serious when it includes “18. Remove bloodstains from fabric”

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