1000 Round 9mm Glock 19 Torture Test

James Yeager and associate put 1000 rounds, 68 magazines, through a Glock 19 in just under 14 minutes. 4 stoppages, some of which were attributed to bad ammo. The guide rod melted right off but it continued to function.

Part 1

Part 2:

Thanks to Jay for emailing me this video.

There is a discussion about this video at AR-15.com.

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  • Glocks, Smocks. Lets see a test of M&P and the XD, and the see which gets the highest score.

  • Didn’t Todd Jarrett do that earlier in the year with a Para Pistol?

  • Good post.


  • jdun

    Glocks are the only plastic guns that I willing to own. I have two Glock in my collection, 19 and 30. The Glock 19 is my conceal carry gun. I trust it with my life. No other plastic gun can take as much abuse as Glock and still work.

    Click on the Ar15.com link. The thread is a very informational read if you never had proper combat training.

    The Todd Jarrett 1911 video did 1000 round without any malfunction. However, the 1911 was allowed to cool off which the glock did not. The 1911 that was used in the video was not a standard 1911. It was a $3000+ modified 1911. The Glock in the video was a standard stock pistol. So yeah there is a big difference.

    I don’t believe any stock pistol will perform at that level as the Glock did. One last thing the video was unedited, wasn’t done by Glock marketing, and over 100 people was there unlike another gun manufacture that I won’t name.

  • IMHO, Glock pistols are the finest out-of-the-box combat pistols in the world. Period.

  • Clint

    “The Todd Jarrett 1911 video did 1000 round without any malfunction. However, the 1911 was allowed to cool off which the glock did not. The 1911 that was used in the video was not a standard 1911. It was a $3000+ modified 1911. The Glock in the video was a standard stock pistol. So yeah there is a big difference.”

    It was a box stock Para 1911 SSP that can be bought for less than $700.

    More info here:
    The time was 10:44, about three minutes less than this glock test so, no, the 1911 was not allowed to cool down.

    The video is on the above link, but you have to click the tap above the “player window” that reads “The Ultimate gu…” Here’s the link again

  • Ryan

    Not to get into a mfg battle here, but I think we all know that Glock built its name on reliability. I was however really impressed with the Para 1911 results. 1,000 rounds in 10:44 with zero malfunctions. Thats pretty impressive. I have a new respect for the reliability of Para’s pistols.

  • Dan

    LOL, clint. I don’t think the fan boy made it all the way through your post. He probably stuck his fingers in his ears and started screaming “I’m not listening to you”

  • Dustin

    I am an army warrant officer and have had the pleasure of shooting many different makes and models of firearms, The Only Pistols that I will trust my life to are My Glock 19 and XD 45 tactical. I would like to see the way the XD would hold up in the same test.

  • Orlo

    I have three Glock’s. The 19,22,30 I shoot the hell out of all three. Reliability to me is KEY!! Thats why I carry only Glock.

  • miguel

    its funny how people can watch the same video and come away with a different take all together.. I am more impress with Todd jarrett and the para …. he was shooting a 45 …. faster and he had no help at all. the para was a stock firearm…I have no idea where he got the idea the gun was allowed to cool off… When people have a misfire … they always blame the ammo … its never the gun or user … I say one up for Para

  • Carl

    This will be great to know the next time me and my Glock end up in a 1000-round pistol fight!
    And yes, of course I always carry 59 magazines.

  • Ollie

    Carl, Hilarious! You bring your glock and your 59 mags and I’ll bring the beer! Just the other day I was wondering how I would conceal all 59 mags!

  • jimmy

    whatever, Glock is plastic junk. no wonder the rod melted off. take my kimber and blow 1000 rounds through her…she loves it.

  • This is why so many people are going from the 1911 to the GLOCK.
    This is why glock is backordered more than ever.

    Its ok, Glocks are great thanks for making this video.
    Either your glock or your not.

  • Jeff

    I have both the 1911 and the glock 19. They are both really good guns. I use my glock for back up and my 1911 for my side arm. But if it came down to it, I’ll use the glock 19 especially if I’m drunk with 59 mags!

  • Mick

    Glock has a new guide rod made of Zytel. This will take away the melting problem on the torture test. Not that any of us would ever test a Glock to this level before our arm and trigger finger gave out… or our wallets!

  • woodfiend

    Seriously, if you need to shoot more than 1000 rounds in your Glock 19 in THAT amount of time, then you have a more serious problem than your guide rod melting. $20 bucks or so and you can buy a steel one if that is such an enormous issue.



  • BayFarm10

    How do you know it was “Bad Ammo” that caused the Jam.?

  • wendell chenault

    Hey folks. I’m new to the Glock 19. I currently have a SR9 which I love but can’t get accessories or CT lasers to go on it. The only thing I dislike about the G19 is the grip. I contacted Glock a couple of months ago about the 4th generation guns, namely a 4th gen G19. Has anyone heard anything else. I would prefer to have one of those.

  • MostWantedFx

    I have all of the respect for Glock in the world but there are at least two other pistols that perform at the same level of Glock. The Smith & Wesson model 5946 and the Sig Sauer P226 both of which are 9mm. Along with the Glock 19 these are the three pistols offered by the NYPD and before being approved for service by the department they are all torture tested with 15,000 Gold Dot 9mm +P’s due to the fact that those are the Ammunition carried on duty. So although I have all the love in the world for Glock S&W and Sig are doing their homework also.

  • Paul Goble

    Will the Glock 19 handle 115 gr +P+ (1325 fps, 450 ft-lb at muzzle)?

  • Spiff

    I have shot some French Alcane (?) 2100 fps AP +P+++ out of my early G17, followed up by sub-sonic stuff, never stopped goin’….there are only 3 “battle” pistols in the civilized world, the Colt 1911 .45ACP (fabulous for removing aggressors), the Browning High Power (excellent 9mm), and the current go-to-hell-and-come-home pistol, Glock! Abused, accused, and misused, but a champ and leader!

  • Roger

    It’s the French Arcane cartridges, not Alcane.
    Left to Right (Scale 1:1)
    9mm x 19 Tracer (Israel)
    9mm x 19 Arcane Metal-Piercing (France)
    9mm x 19 SIB Metal Piercing (France)
    9mm x 19 THV (France)
    9mm x 19 Ball m/E (with Iron Core) (Germany)
    9mm x 19 Ball SE (Sintered Iron) (Germany)
    9mm x 19 m/39B High Performance Metal-Piercing (Sweden)
    9mm x 19 KTW Metal-Piercing (USA)

  • Paul Goble

    OK, so if the Glock 19 will handle the 2100fps stuff, the mere 1326 fps, 40000 psi +P+ should be no sweat! Excellent!

    I have a Browning 9mm HP made in Belgium during WWII – has the Nazi eagle/swastika stamp on the frame and barrel. From what you’ve said, the +P+ shouldn’t be a problem for that, either, right?

  • P Cooper

    “Sherman is using his Jew magic to keep the gun running”

    Guy doesn’t impress me in the first place, but this sort of comment just shows he’s a shithead.

    • P, who said that?

  • Spiff

    I would not trust a Browning WWII High Power with much +P+ ammo, it was not designed for it…And thanks Roger, it was Arcane ammo, and I have 1 round left to play with…

  • Clint

    Hey Spiff,

    Do you know the bullet weight of the Arcane ammo you have? Also that 2100fps (!) is that the list velocity or from a chrono?

    I thought Arcane was built to be used in then-current guns so I’m surprised it is +p+ and not standard (but hot) pressure levels.


  • jjsjjsva

    Looks like most the misfires were when he was limp wristed one hand shooting so the slide did fullt retract. Can’t blame the gun or ammo.

  • Abterm

    sorry for commenting on an old post but It’s new to me.
    Steve asked a question and I saw no answer.

    6:21 into the first video.
    “As you can see, Sherman is using his jew magic to keep the gun running.”
    (hillbilly laughter ensues…)

  • chase

    I agree the few failures looked like limp wristing to me. Thats alot of shooting quickly so no wonder. My hands would have gotten fatigued too.

  • chase

    abterm he was talking to a friend. It is not like he was insulting someone. Have you ever heard people use derogatory slang terms as a term of endearment before or are you that sheltered?

  • tom

    I’ve had my Glock 19 for almost a year now. It’s had roughly 900 rounds through it with only one failure to cycle. A weak round of WWB was the problem. Didn’t see the bullet hit, recoil felt very weak, the slide did a partial cycle and went back into battery, but not enough to eject the brass. Double checked for a squib and barrel was clear. weird.

  • Tom

    Why are there people standing in front of the firing line taking pictures during shooting? This would not be allowed at any range I have ever shot at and it is extremely foolish.

  • I prefer the feel of the springfield XD, but like the accuracy of the Glock.

  • william