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  • gummywormz

    i think its funny how they got the imi tavors….

    i wonder how they got there… hey isreal any ideas? 😀

  • Dan

    I see one M249 in the lower left hand corner.

    Strange the Russkies would torch all of them…

    Surely they could have been used to prop up a dictator somewhere?

  • Yeah, there are a couple of SAW’s I see in there. Russkies suck!

  • Dan, I suspect they are burning what they don’t want or for propaganda purposes. The Russians carted off a lot of loot after the war was over.

    The US would know what serial numbers were sold to Georgia so any Bushmasters, previously owned by Georgia, ending up in a 3rd world country would be suspicious.

  • Karl

    These were burned by the Abchazians, not russians. The russians kept what they captured 🙂

  • Johannes

    I can’t see any M249’s, but I do see a bunch of IMI Negev.

  • nick

    that is a damned shame right there, good firearms going to waste.

  • Jamie

    Guy’s, all I know is that makes me sick,,, )c: it’s a shame we all didn’t get to pick just three apiece….. Sick in Louisiana.

  • robert

    Main Street USA 2012

  • sandro

    guyys guyyss chill out…this weapons were not captured bu russians but destroyed by georgians itsels on th military base in town Gori. all georgian soldiers took kalashnikovs before fightng instead of m4a3 and other western guns. so all the western and israeli guns were left on base and when they were retreiting they burnt them, in order not to be captured by the enemy. one of the soldiers who burnt them is my cousin!!!!!!!!

  • slovenc79

    i hate when people destroy guns… but, burn??? you can destroy ar15 by burning it, but you can’t destroy ak47 with fire 😀 US troops had to cut them in pieces to destroy them. ak47 beats ar15

  • that Vuena that are plastic scrap VARATO!! all these are plastic chinbo are better with the butt of titanium enpunadira

  • Rockymtnboy

    slovenc79 –
    I had a house fire and owned both an AK47 and an AR…believe me, they both took severe damage. The AK47 barrel warped from the heat, the AR mostly just lost all the plastic.

    Let me ask you this, would YOU trust any firearm that had gone through the intense heat of a fire? Heat changes the integrity of the steel in the barrel, and most importantly, the breech where all the explosive pressures take place.

    Oh yeah, and a little piece of advice for those of you with an arsenal and “standard” home insurance…get a special rider policy that covers your weapons, anything that you have more than three of is considered a “collection”, therefore needing another policy. Unfortunately, I had to learn that little lesson the hard way.