$80 “night vision” goggles

I got pretty excited when I read the title of the Ars Technica review entitled “Hands on with some surprising $80 night vision goggles”. I immediately started day dreaming about stalking varmints on a starless, moonless night.

Unfortunately the “Eye Clops Night Vision” is nothing more than an array of infrared LEDs, a webcam-like camera and a small LCD screen

Ces2008 Nightvision1

Steve Johnson

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  • Burner

    My wife got me one of those as a gag gift last Xmas. I have actually used it in pitch black environments to target with standard sights on a P226. You can hit what you are aiming at within about 20 feet, assuming you are using low flash ammo. Obviously, anything past that range is a bit out of reach for an $80 toy. It is fun though, to be able to shoot in absolute dark with such cheap NV goggles.

  • AK

    Looks very similar to the goggles in the Splinter Cell video games.