The ACU’RZR: .22LR bullet reshaping tool

The ACU’RZR is an interesting tool. You put a .22 Long Rifle cartridge into the ACU’RZR and give the “forming rod” a whack with a hammer and then take out your .22 cartridge with a newly shaped bullet.

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The idea behind the tool is threefold. It ensures consistency in bullet shape which will increase accuracy, allows you to select a bullet shape and allows you to choose a bullet diameter that suits your handgun or rifle.

I must admit I would be too scared to hit a a rimfire cartridge with a hammer. I would rather purchase match ammo.

Different models are available and range from $38 – $53 (+ $5 shipping).

Steve Johnson

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  • Surely there is an internal stop to prevent excessive setback. Gunblast has done a couple of highly positive reviews on these.

    Feel free to donate one to the cause, and I’ll tell you if it blows me up!