Mounting raised peep sights without any mods

This is a very clever idea. The rifle is a Mossberg 144LSB Target rifle that is currently listed on gunbroker.

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The advantage of having the sight raised is that when shooting from a offhand/verticle position you can keep you head as close to upright as possible to achieve better balance.

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Hat Tip: RFC

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    I have an old Mossberg 151 and that thing has some amazing sights. Everyone goes on and on about the 10/22 but I love my little Mossberg.

  • Sir,
    I just purchased 4 new mossberg rifles for my grandchidren. The
    guns do not have peep sights. I must have that type of site! They are being trained by trainers of the NRA and they require peeps. Could you sell me peep sights that would fit? perhaps off a 22 cal Plunkster– model
    802? My guns are model 802 item no. 38086
    UPC 884110380869