Polish “Neon” 5.56mm and 25mm / 40mm weapon

 Files Spec 2008 09 T Rt3Z Neon
The “Neon”?

It looks like Poland is developing their own version of the XM29 OICW concept, according to the MSPO 2008 website. It may or may not be called the “Neon”, Google translate is not great at best of times.

What makes the Polish concept unique is that the grenade launcher part of the weapon will, at this stage in the design, be able to be removed and swapped for a different caliber, either 40mm or 25mm.

I am going to predict that they will end up with one caliber and not bother with the complexity and cost of multiple calibers.

It has the usual fire control system to program air burst grenades to detonate at a certain distance.

I will be watching with interest to see what happens with this program. Sweden and Singapore are also developing similar weapons and South Korea will be fielding the XK11 Korean New Rifle in 2010.

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XK11 Korean New Rifle

More information here (translated with google)

I have done my best to find accurate information about this firearm on the Polish MSPO 2008 website. I do not speak or read Polish so I had to rely on Google Translate. If I got something wrong, please correct me in the comments.

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  • jdun1911

    OICW = money sink.

  • There’s some info of the Swedish and Singaporean projects from this PDF at dtic.mil.

  • Jcamelo

    “Polish Neon” is actually translated to “no man” as in “no mans gun”.

    (I was jk)

  • Wosiu

    Jcamelo comment is total bullshit. Neon in Polish is the same as in English: neon light, neon bulb, neon lamp etc.

    Yes, there are now in Poland project of combined grenade launcher /assault rifle system under code name “Neon”. The assault rifle part will be based on Mini-Beryl shortened assault rifle. Grenade launcher part will be most probably based on previous Polish handheld automatic grenade launcher projects llike Pallad M – very few know, that Poland is worldwide leader in projects of handheld automatic grenadle launchers cal. 40 mm, there were prototypes as sonn as 80`:

    Grenade launcher is examined in optional calibres: 23 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm (low and medium velocity) but there are no intention to change caliber in the same weapon. Programmed air-bursting ammunition in cal. 40 mm is in final stage of development.

  • Wosiu, thanks for the info

  • woodfiend

    Hmmmmm………another waste of money.

  • Some Guy

    Hopefully, one of these will succeed and do a good job.

    Cause the potential is there.

  • MibZ

    Interesting. Once again bulky, unwieldy, and impractical. I’d love to have it in a pinch, but the complexity of the weapon likely means by the time that pinch comes it will see mechanical problems and need repairs…

    I doubt any of these projects will be successful within the next 20 years.

  • M!

    There (http://www.altair.com.pl/start-5372) is a little bit about followup of that “Neon” design: ZW Dezamet abbandoned OICW design (after tests stated that it’s too bulky ) and “are finishing first prototypes” of something veeeeery simmilar to XM-25 design, called SLEG-30, in 30 mm calibre and 500 m range. There is info that they are working on a “smart” 30 mm ammunition since 2008. On paper it looks way better than Korean weapon and, if fundings are available, is within capabilities. I believe that larger ammo (30 mm vs 25 mm) is more economical, since most cost is fuse.
    Sadly, that is almost all info about those weapons available online, most of the pictures are 3D models – manufacturer claims its because of secrecy.

    Interesting design is also MSBS-5,56 which IMO looks realy badass (like SCAR) and is currently tested in both designs: bullpup for personal defence and classic for other uses. Here is a grenade luncher for it: http://www.altair.com.pl/start-5408

    All above are connected to landwariorish project called “Tytan”, still in development.

  • @M!

    Will the SLEG-30 be based on 30x29B VOG-17 ammo, like the Czech RAG-30?

    I could see that being able to use cheap VOG-17 ammo as well as the fancy airburst stuff would be a good selling point – but recoil would be high.

  • M!

    I found a short note about this in a military magazine “Nowa Technika Wojskowa” (= New Military Technology) – in short, the weapon is aparently still in early development, will be ready in circa 10 years (!) due to low funding, so all specs are subject of change, including caliber. But it’s very unlikely that ZW Dezamet (name of manufacturer is a single solid fact in this program), which is also manufacturer of vide array of amunition, including 40 mm NATO HV/LV grenades of various type, will be using old russian design which they never produced themselves. In 6 pages of article about new rifles, only few sentences were about this design.
    Sorry for crushing you hopes, last month it looked to me like something much more serious . On the bright side, sniper rifles and especialy MSBS, our new modular assualt rifle, looks promising and almost finished. They also look cool, much like SCAR family. It will be first 100% polish rifle design after 70 years and departure from using AK derivatives.

    You should also know that polish military is currently overstretched in Afganistan and on very low budget. Polish minister of defence is pacifist (yes!!! he almost admited it himself on TV) and military is full of coruption. For example creator and first commander of Special Forces left Army – he couldn’t stand the atmosphere. Did you know that in aircraft crashes, all during minister Klich’s reign, we lost more generals than during all WW2? Never in last 60 years Army was that weak…

  • Madeline

    that’s some space marine shit