MAG 08 pistol

The other new Polish pistol at MSPO 2008 is the 9mm MAG 08. It is a redesign of the MAG 98 which itself was a redesign of the MAG 95. It looks nice, but I do remember reading complaints about the previous generation MAG pistols somewhere.

The original (from the manufacturers website)

 Specjalna Mag98

The new pistol

 Mag-08-500Px 01

 Mag-08-500Px 02

From what I can make out the frame is made from aluminum and it takes 15 round and 18 round magazines.

More here (google translation)

I have done my best to find accurate information about this firearm on the Polish MSPO 2008 website. I do not speak or read Polish so I had to rely on Google Translate. If I got something wrong, please correct me in the comments.

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  • jdun1911

    Do you know if they going to export these to the US? Thanks.

  • jdun1911, I don’t know.

  • There is a chance for export.


  • Mark

    Main complaint about the gun was its weight. It came from army officers who were used to carry p-64 pistols. Quality of Mag-95 and Mag-98 was more then exeptional. If it comes to US market I more then recomend it

    • Adam

      You’re right brother. My grandfather carried a P-64 and I own one. It is like carrying a walter ppk into combat. It is underpowered and very light for a multi-purpose psitol. Where I would carry a Sig or 1911 into combat, a P-64 would be at the bottom of my list. The Mags are excellent and the Polish armed forced really need to get rid of their WIST pistols for the MAG line.

  • SFCMayhem

    Looks a lot like a sig…. all the MAGXX pistols do… anyone know if it is based of a Sig design?

    • Adam

      It is more based on the internals of a browning HP. Though I would infer that it also carried over aspects of the SIG design that were not patent protected considering the pistol was made by taking many different designs and using the best for the pistol

  • martin

    MAG08 is an improved version of MAG95. Indeed it is frequently compared to SIG but at a fraction of the cost. MAG95 was initially rejected due to its weight but was always praised for its durability and accuracy like its top notch European counterparts. I own and shoot MAG08 weekly, its absolutely amazing. At least 20 people at my club shot this gun and declared their favorite at any price range. Not even SIG can be as accurate at 50 yards ( yeap you read that right ) as MAG. Expensive…..yes… well worth the import hassle…. you bet ya.

    • 556lr

      How did you manage a special import to get the MAG 08?

  • Patrq

    Its actuall based of the Walther pistol

  • Roger

    Got a rare Polish MAG 98 + accessories on on its way. Good in my collection. Only a small batch imported. Soon to be gone. Kinda sad how so few surplus firearms being imported anymore other than Nagants.,-9×19…on.-p-5863.html