Alex Bullpup bolt action rifles

Also on display at MSPO 2008 were the Alex bullpup bolt action rifles. They look awesome. As far as I know they come in three models. The Alex762 (7.62x51mm), Alex -338 (8.6x70mm / .338 Magnum Lapua) and the Alex Sports Tactical (7.62x51mm).

Photos by Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV):

 Users ppppp Desktop Rt1 Zakupy 02-2

 Files Spec 2008 09 T Rt3 Alex1
Alex Sports Tactical

 Files News 2008 06 I-I08-06-027Alex338 02

 Files Grafika Bia 2007 06  Bia06 12
Very compact

 Files Grafika Bia 2007 06  Bia06 14
It is so pretty I could not help posting another photo

The Alex-338 weights 6.5 kg without scope and 7.3 kg with the scope, 0.4 kg more than the Alex-762. It has a 5 round magazine. I can’t read Polish and I am unable to find more useful information on the rifles.

Earlier this year US firm Desert Tactical Arms launched a bolt action bullpup rifle at SHOT.

More information here, here and here.

I have done my best to find accurate information about this firearm on the Polish MSPO 2008 website. I do not speak or read Polish so I had to rely on Google Translate. If I got something wrong, please correct me in the comments.

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