Walther P99 RAD

The P99 RAD was unveiled at MSPO 2008. As far as I can tell it is a standard P99 with a Picatinny rails and a different, but still interchangeable, grip.

The “RAD” part of the name refers to the hometown of the Lucznik Arms Factory, Radom. Interestingly enough “Rad” was the the unofficial nickname of the Polish Vis semi-automatic pistol used in WWII.

The pistol was designed by the Polish military and I do not know if Walther will sell this design to the public.

Photos taken by Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV).


More here (this page is English, most of site is not)

I have done my best to find accurate information about this firearm on the Polish MSPO 2008 website. I do not speak or read Polish so I had to rely on Google Translate. If I got something wrong, please correct me in the comments.

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  • Jesse

    I’ve always been fond of the P99 and as a person of Polish descent I’d love to have a pistol with the Polish Eagle on it so I hope it does eventually reach state side.

    However every time I see Radom though my mind throws in an n and I think Random.

  • Jcamelo

    lol same here and you know that new airsoft gun trend that has the guns with 6mm bbs? Well I have a P99 A1 model of those it is spring and goes 375 feet per second. They are fun (I mean airsoft guns in general).

  • Sosadde

    Jesse, sorry to be raining on your parade, but if you look closer, you may actually notice that “Made in Germany” writing on the frame, not far from the eagle.


    frames are imported from Germany but the rest we are produce by ourselfs.
    This is also include Walther P99 which won contest for a new pistol for a Police few yaers ago.
    We’ve got the license to produce P99 but frames are still made in Germany.

    The RAD P99 is a little bit different than a standard P99. Look just for a trigger – in Rad it looks like a this one from Glock pistols.

    Also as I have read about this “new” pistol is is thicker than P99 and some other differences.

    For me as a military (I’m a Polish soldier) I would prefer something with standard mag release button for egsample like in Glock etc. Because this lever in P99 oesn’t fit to me.

    Best regards from Poland

    • KAPRAL-POLAND, thanks very much for the information.


    No problem Steve!

  • I know this is heresy to many, but Ive fired both the glock and the P-99 and the walther is the hands down better handgun.

    It’s more accurate, more user friendly, and easier for people with smaller hands to manipulate.

    I want to start using mine in action shooting matches this spring.

  • Tom (PL)


    RAD just like other polish army firearms takes it’s name from one of the chemical elements, in this case radium but also from Radom where it’s going to be produced.

    According to polish newspapers the frame has been changed for better handling and the back of grip is interchangable. Picatinny rail was also added. I’m not sure how much the frame changed but I looked in a firearms magazine a little and if I remember well it’s completly new frame not only from the outside.

    Bolt’s shape also changed and now it also has thicker grooves so it could be pulled back easily by soldiers wearing gloves.

    Pistol has bolt release levers on both sides for left and right handed shooters. Clip release lever allows to change magazine while still pointing at the target.

    RAD uses of 15, 16 and 20 round magazines. Newspapers keep repeating that it’s a 20 round pistol so maybe it can hold 20 rounds and magazine doesn’t stick out of the grip.

    Sorry for my english i did my best…

    • Tom, thanks for the info.

  • Charles

    Is there any way to get these imported into the US?
    S&W messed up the US market for the P99.

    This Polish version has some features that the US market would like.

    Maybe we could get STI or Armalite to import these.

  • Coming back from the future, we can now see that’s a PPQ clone, rather than a P99.

  • jonny

    PPQ is based on RAD version http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_PPQ